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  • Originally posted by Twoflour View Post
    Your location: Wellington, New Zealand
    Age (If you want): 44
    How Primal are you: Not very. Yet. Still a grain addict but planning to reform.
    Do you consume dairy: Yes.
    Do you drink coffee or tea: Yes, mostly coffee.
    Motivator for switching to Primal: Weight issues. But also wanting to move to a MUCH healthier lifestyle.
    Favorite exercise: Running (when not injured). Otherwise anything that works up a good sweat, or a really long walk. Used to enjoy going to the gym but between injury & having small kids that's not happening right now.
    Favourite Primal food: Nuts
    Best part about being Primal: Better diet/fuel for my body.
    Worst part about being Primal: Being grain addicted. (As in I still love bread, etc.)

    Now that the questions are done: I'm looking to transition in to a primal lifestyle. I went paleo more than 10 years ago to resolve a specific health issue and found that I dropped excess weight without even meaning to. The only problem was that I felt low in energy for vigorous exercise (I was playing high level recreational sport at the time). It was only a month long, so I'm guessing that it's going to take longer than a month to move in to efficient fat burning.
    Any tips for the transition period welcome !!

    Looking forward to getting to know folk here.
    Hi Twoflour! We have a very special (lol) thread for kiwis - come and visit!!
    Started Feb 18 2011

    Tried basic primal and almost everything else in pursuit of IBS control, mood stability, and weight loss.

    Journalling here


    • The Questions:

      Your location: Connecticut

      Age (If you want): 32

      How Primal are you: 100%, although I haven't switched to grass-fed; beginner here so I don't even know where to buy it except buying my own cow from a farm and having it butchered.

      Do you consume dairy: Yes, moderately, but considering eliminating it

      Do you drink coffee or tea: Organic green tea

      Motivator for switching to Primal: Change in lifestyle, weight loss

      Favorite exercise: Elliptical/racquet ball

      Favorite Primal food: Nuts

      Best part about being Primal: Not sure yet, just started

      Worst part about being Primal: Not a big fan of meat. Don't like meat fat whatsoever

      Any encouragement would be welcomed. Not really sure exactly what I'm doing yet. Would love if someone could help me out with my macronutrient calculations; I've done some, but not sure if I have it right. This is the first time ever on a high fat lifestyle. My whole life it's been ingrained in me to eat fat in moderation. I started my journey a week ago today, but just came across 'The Primal Blueprint' a couple of days ago. Have lots of questions like: Do I have to eat the fat on meat or can I cut it off?, Where do I buy grass-fed meat?, Where do I find fowl, and please don't laugh at me, but is that considered chicken? Can I eat other fruit besides berries without affecting my insulin levels too much?
      Thanks for your help in advance. I understand no one here is a medical professional; just looking for some advice on my journey
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      • Hello from the Great White North

        Your location: Twin Cities, Minnesota

        Age (If you want): 52

        How Primal are you: Just starting. Three days in and I feel better already. Have done Atkins and South Beach in the past so I have had somewhat similar attempts at a healthier lifestyle in the past.

        Do you consume dairy: Yes, some milk and cheese without problems.

        Do you drink coffee or tea: yes, both.

        Motivator for switching to Primal: Weight loss and cleaner/healthier living.

        Favorite exercise: Anything outside

        Favorite Primal food: Meat

        Best part about being Primal: Hopefully I will be healthier and a smaller Swede.

        Worst part about being Primal: Cutting out grains.


        • The Questions:

          Your location: Clinton, Utah

          Age (If you want): 48

          How Primal are you: 90%

          Do you consume dairy: High quality, grass-fed cheese in teeny quantities about once a week

          Do you drink coffee or tea: Both (only because I can't dump all my vices at once)

          Motivator for switching to Primal: It makes sense, family history of diabetes

          Favorite exercise: Chest press/dancing (did Grok dance?)

          Favorite Primal food: Turkey and blood-red beef

          Best part about being Primal: Energy, fewer tummy issues

          Worst part about being Primal: Having to explain to co-workers and family that I, in fact, am not crazy.


          • Your Location: Southeast Missouri

            Age: 50

            How Primal are You: 100% as of a week ago

            Do you consume dairy?: Minimally in the form of cheese

            Do you drink coffee or tea: Yes

            Motivator for Switching to Primal: Inflammation in knees and hands; addiction to grains

            Favorite Exercise: Weightlifting but my it's difficult on my own. My husband and I used to lift together and he guided me through the lifts. Our schedules are different now, and my motivation is lax, so I have to rely on myself. I also enjoy walking but used to think that it wasn't getting me anywhere.....healthwise. LOL

            Favorite Primal Food: Fish, pork, beef (I try to buy organic and farm-raised/grass fed as much as possible.)

            Best Part of Being Primal: The excitement of a new challenge, the benefits that I will encounter, and the knowledge that I'm eating better/exercising more efficiently than I have before.

            Worst Part of Being Primal: I live in a small town so eating at local restaurants may be challenging. Luckily, I'm a good cook and don't mind being the kitchen.


            • Your location: Wales - UK

              Age (If you want): Young enough to want to - old enough to know better :-s

              How Primal are you: I've been primal before but "fell off the wagon." am looking to go back primal again starting from when I wake up in the morning!!!

              Do you consume dairy: yes

              Do you drink coffee or tea: no I don't like either although I will occasionally have a cup of green tea with honey if I'm feeling cold

              Motivator for switching to Primal: quite a few reasons, my sisters wedding is coming up and I need to lose about a stone and a half but I need to for health reasons to.

              Favorite exercise: walking in the mountains with my kids and two dogs

              Favorite Primal food: beef

              Best part about being Primal: I loved how I had loads of energy

              Worst part about being Primal: I do find it difficult making meals interesting - always seems to be meat with vegetables or salad


              • Your location: Living in Northern California
                How Primal are you: I'm getting more Primal every day. I've been low carb for almost 2 months with good success.
                Do you consume dairy: I am consuming about a cup of cottage cheese or Greek yogurt a day.
                Do you drink coffee or tea: I drink 1 cup of coffee every morning made in a French Press with great ceremony.
                Motivator for switching to Primal: I've had weight issues for much of my adult life which has turned into raised A1C. Something I cannot ignore. So I've decided to commit to a low carb lifestyle.
                Favorite exercise: Right now I'm walking 30 minutes a day and doing high reps with moderate weight.
                Favorite Primal food: I really like meat and all kinds of greens. My challenge will be to eat a varied diet.
                Best part about being Primal: The best part of being Primal is its simplicity. I limit my carbs and eat what I want.
                Worst part about being Primal: Initially my biggest challenge was carb craving but now that I have to watch that I don't over eat.


                • Arizona
                  41 (F)
                  Just started switching to Primal eating.
                  I do consume dairy in the forms of greek yogurt, cheese, cream, etc.
                  I do drink coffee in the Fall/Winter - it's more of a warm comfort drink for me. Have never had issues with caffeine so I easily put the coffee maker away come spring when the weather gets warmer.
                  My motivator for switching - I have had 3 children in 4.5 years; used to be a avid athlete and have really struggled to get baby weight off. Working out for me used to be a way of life - I was the one at the gym for 90 minutes at least 4-5 days/week. Now working out is a luxury as it's hard to find that sort of time with 3 little ones. I recently saw my sister who is almost 20 years older than me and she is the thinnest she's ever been in her life. She looks incredible. Then her daughter who has also had 3 kids in 4.5 years look incredible too - is thinner than before children and she too always struggled with weight. I knew I wanted to know what they were doing. How did they look so great? I desperately want to get back into some of my great pre-baby clothes.

                  Favorite exercise used to be recreational basketball, now it would be to go for a nice long hike in the beautiful AZ desert.

                  Still discovering Primal eating so not sure if I have a favorite food - although I will say that I love eating brussle sprouts and have found some great ways to cook them thru Primal eating.

                  Best part - I feel much more balanced in my energy throughout the day and I'm not "hurting" if I skip a meal.

                  Worst part - probably giving up some of my favorite desserts. Anxious to try out some Primal ones though.


                  • hi everybody im new here and ive tried the primal lifestyle once and failed. i could have succeeded but its a little more complicated i believe and i didnt know how to fix it. i will have to tell me story in a new thread. glad to be here and i look forward to really being primal!


                    • hello, I've been lurking on MDA for a few years, and have finally decided to go primal (with my wife).
                      I currently started at 260 lbs, and my goal is 200 lbs. Obviously health is my #1 motivating factor, but so is my self respect from looking and feeling good about myself.
                      MDA has given me great inspiration and i look forward to being apart of this life style.
                      thank you


                      • Your location: Indiana, USA
                        Age (If you want): 25
                        How Primal are you: Newbie
                        Do you consume dairy: No
                        Do you drink coffee or tea: Rarely
                        Motivator for switching to Primal: My husband (27) has arthritis and has been seeing many medical professionals for about 9 years. During one of his first visits to a chiropractor, his body was so inflamed that they really couldn't see his joints. The chiropractor recommended that he cut processed food from his diet. I thought that would never work. A couple of weeks later, I thought about it and decided to do some research. Grains are inflammatory, what?! I came across the paleo diet, and from there, the Primal Lifestyle and decided this was probably the best thing for my husband. And my weight has been out of hand since our first son was born. After the birth of our second son, I lost 20 pounds (breastfeeding, yeah!!) but gained it all back after his first birthday. Now I am about 5'3" and 160 pounds.
                        Favorite exercise: dance fitness
                        Favorite Primal food: Meat! Obviously.
                        Best part about being Primal: Feeling better, in general.
                        Worst part about being Primal: Criticism and advertising


                        • Your location: Seattle, WA

                          Age (If you want): 33

                          How Primal are you: Newbie

                          Do you consume dairy: Yes, but probably shouldn't. Might drop it soon.

                          Do you drink coffee or tea: Did drink coffee until a massive silent migraine with vertigo in December scared me off of it as a potential cause.

                          Motivator for switching to Primal: I want to be healthy and my family to be healthy. Not the mess that I see conventional diet and medicine has turned other family members into....someplace I feel I am quickly heading if I don't get control of this NOW.

                          Favorite exercise: Walking.

                          Favorite Primal food: Steak!

                          Best part about being Primal: Not craving sugar, cookies, and cake 24 hours a day.

                          Worst part about being Primal: Getting over carb flu and the criticism from people when they find out what I am doing. I just don't talk about it now.


                          • Your location: Oklahoma, USA

                            How Primal are you: Started about 14 days ago, no wheat/grains/sugar/dairy (1 tablespoon cream is the exception),quit all cold turkey.

                            Do you consume dairy:1tablespoon of heavy cream a day, at the moment

                            Do you drink coffee or tea: herbal teas and decaf coffee

                            Motivator for switching to Primal: my parents died at 54(mom) and 63(dad), 60 days apart. Eye opening. I have 3 boys, and they need their mom. But not a couch potato, 15 pounds heavier than I should be mom. They need mom that runs, mom that plays, mom that has energy for them plus 3 more. And I am vain and want to look good while doing all that

                            Favorite exercise: That's hard. I hate exercising (at least ATM). I found out that I like running. The exercise part I have not got down yet, I guess.

                            Favorite Primal food: Steak, and chicken with skin on!!!(haven't tried yet since I switched to Primal, still scared - but I remember that is good!)

                            Best part about being Primal: It's super easy to cook after a 10 hour work day. No counting anything. Easy to order a plate of veggies and some fish in restaurants, if the need arises, without having to explain too much of anything about your eating habits.

                            Worst part about being Primal: Being from Brazil, with a French mom and Lebanese dad, comfort foods are hard for me.I can make do without the French, but I miss Lebanese food - cracked wheat (bulgur), falafel (chickpea), yogurt sauce, humus, pita. And black bean stew, with rice-typical brazilian food.
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                            • Your location: Chicago, IL

                              Age (If you want): 33

                              How Primal are you: kinda primal, and new!

                              Do you consume dairy: currently, only butter occasionally

                              Do you drink coffee or tea: both, but not daily

                              Motivator for switching to Primal: overall health and fat loss, having already eliminated processed food from the diet, cutting out the grains seemed worth trying as well. It's harder and harder to make healthy choices in the grocery store.

                              Favorite exercise: boxing, heavy bag routines

                              Favorite Primal food: fresh whole fish

                              Best part about being Primal: so far - not counting calories

                              Worst part about being Primal: explaining it to others


                              • Your location: New York, NY (for now xD)
                                Age (If you want): 33

                                How Primal are you:
                                I started a week ago, and love it. I do eat some starch now and then (sweet yams, white rice, etc.).

                                Do you consume dairy:
                                Yes, though trying to reduce its percentage in my diet, and to move to goat milk.

                                Do you drink coffee or tea:
                                Both. I love green tea, and drink copious quantities of it. Coffee, more in moderation.

                                Motivator for switching to Primal:
                                Reading up on what gluten can do to you, I found I have all those symptoms. Plus I noticed that my former vegetarian diet hasn't made me healthier - quite the opposite actually.

                                Favorite exercise:
                                Cycling and long distance walking.

                                Favorite Primal food:
                                Roast whole bird (chicken, goose, duck, pigeon, whatever) with cooked roots.

                                Best part about being Primal:
                                All the meat. And, hopefully being healthier on the long run.

                                Worst part about being Primal:
                                I have to skip my weekly excursion to the Dominique Ansel patisserie. I used to be a huge French bread and pastry aficionado.