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  • interestingly i have only ever heard about the paleo diet, but not read about it because sometime ago, like 8 years ago or so, i picked up a book by Dr Peter D'Adamo called live right 4 your type and have implemented those strategies which i am told are very close to the paleo approach.

    The Questions:

    Your location: South Africa

    Age (If you want): 50

    How Primal are you: not sure because not certain what the parameters are, but I do not eat any grains, no wheat, no potatoes, no corn.

    Do you consume dairy: absolutely no milk, no yoghurt, probably 1 teaspoon of butter daily, 10 teaspoons of fresh cream and a little cheese (cheddar and parmesan)

    Do you drink coffee or tea: no coffee or tea, no fruit juices either; i drink sparkling mineral water, rooibos tea, cocoa, and occasionally green tea

    Motivator for switching to Primal: i think i have been primal without knowing it and my reasons are 25kg weight loss, more energy, more lean muscle mass

    Favorite exercise: weight training, boxing, hi lo cardio, pilates and stretch classes

    Favorite Primal food: love meat and then chicken and then vegetables

    Best part about being Primal: fantastic body strength and self confidence boosted even more than it was.

    Worst part about being Primal: well i suppose restrictive food options and sudden histamine intolerance


    • Your location: Eindhoven, The Netherlands

      Age (If you want):33

      How Primal are you: Probably about 70%

      Do you consume dairy: Yes, occasionally

      Do you drink coffee or tea: Yes, occasionally

      Motivator for switching to Primal: health, weight loss

      Favorite exercise: walking, dancing, biking (usually as mode of transport)

      Favorite Primal food: Avocado, Steak

      Best part about being Primal: Feeling light

      Worst part about being Primal: giving up ciabatta and other nice bread and pasta


      • Hello, everyone.

        Today is my first day in the 21-day challenge and Grok & I are still getting acquainted

        Your location: NY, NY

        Age (If you want): 37

        How Primal are you: Newbie Day 1 of 21-Day Challenge

        Do you consume dairy: No due to lactose intolerance. Sorry for TMI.

        Do you drink coffee or tea: Yes

        Motivator for going Primal: To get healthy to conceive naturally without medical intervention, and prevent inheriting Type2 Diabetes.

        Favorite exercise: Walking for hours :sly: 30-minutes :what: on the elliptical machine and :screwy: 1-hr cycling class

        Favorite Primal food: Any Meat, fowl or fish on a stick roasted over smoldering hot charcoal.

        Best part about being Primal: its simplicity

        Worst part about being Primal: Giving up Pasta and Grains specially Corn & Rice!!!:sly::what::screwy:
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        • I'm usually a lurker on forums, blogs, and other online threads, but I'm starting the 21-day challenge today, so I go completely out of my comfort zone and actually participate for a change.

          Your location: Virginia, USA

          Age (If you want): 50

          How Primal are you: probably not very. I'm half Italian, so pasta and bread have always been a big part of my life. So has olive oil and cooking from scratch with real food, though.

          Do you consume dairy: yes - milk in coffee, yogurt, cheese

          Do you drink coffee or tea: 1 cup of espresso (cafe latte) in the a.m.

          Motivator for switching to Primal: feeling gross all over and not fitting into my clothes

          Favorite exercise: walking, but walking with a purpose (like to get to a destination), not just ambulating around the neighborhood

          Favorite Primal food: don't really have one yet

          Best part about being Primal: I don't know yet

          Worst part about being Primal: I don't know this either, yet


          • Your location: Shoreline, WA

            Age (If you want): 42

            How Primal are you: Halfway maybe in all categories (eating, sleep, exercise...)

            Do you consume dairy: yes - cheese, butter (although I'm curious to see if I'm better off without it)

            Do you drink coffee or tea: yes - decaf/herbals

            Motivator for switching to Primal: Been doing paleo for almost a year and fell off the wagon a month or so ago. looking to push the rest button to kick those harsh sugar cravings.

            Favorite exercise: Hiking, snowboarding, skiing, and some group exercise classes too for the social aspects

            Favorite Primal food: Coconut

            Best part about being Primal: Don't feel like a slave to carbs

            Worst part about being Primal: It's been hard to change the menu for the entire family


            • Hi All. A week ago, I stumbled across marksdailyapple via the documentary "The Perfect Human Diet." I immediately started giving the primal lifestyle a try.

              The Questions:

              Your location: Detroit, MI

              Age (If you want): 44

              How Primal are you: Hard to say because I'm so new and don't know all the rules yet. I'd say 80-90%.

              Do you consume dairy: No (does butter count?)

              Do you drink coffee or tea: No.

              Motivator for switching to Primal: I've had major digestive issues/irritable bowel for as long as I can remember (starting in high school I guess). I've tried giving up meat, dairy, acidic fruits, caffeine. Nothing's ever made a difference.

              Favorite exercise: YOGA!!!!!

              Favorite Primal food: hmmmm, I love beef, eggs, coconut oil (just discovered it today), avocados, lots of vegetables, lots of fruits, nuts, olive oil.....pretty much the whole diet. and bacon (but not sure if that's primal).

              Best part about being Primal: so far, my stomach pain, bloating and other digestive ailments (too gory to list), are disappearing.

              Worst part about being Primal: I'm doing it on my own (for now). I have a husband and three kids that are pretty much continuing on as usual. Every time they eat anything non-primal (e.g., pretzels, wheat bread, bagels, cereal, spaghetti, etc.), I want to yell "don't eat that!!! it's poison!!!"


              • I'm here in the wilds of North Central PA, 43 years old. I am a very strictly Primal, I eliminated wheat, sugar, bad oils, and legumes a year ago this Friday and I have lost 85 pounds to date. I consume very little dairy because I'm a milkaholic and it was slowing down my progress, I cut it completely for 30 days and discovered that I felt better without it. I do drink coffee and tea, because I'd probably choke out a coworker without it. I started this life to address some bothersome health issues and all of them have been eliminated. I live in the mountains so I love hiking. And a good grass fed sirloin. The best thing about being primal is that it is natural, doable, sane, and doesn’t make me feel crazy. The worst thing is knowing what would help people I love feel better, but they won't listen.


                • Hey, another Dutchie on MDA! (Referring to the first post on page 558)

                  Your location: The Netherlands

                  Age (If you want): 18

                  How Primal are you: Blergh. Not at all. Yet. I live with my parents, who would probably get a heartattack if I even mentioned Primal to them. *You NEED the vitamins from bread (they're ADDED, for Grok's sake!)* *Fiber's only found in bread, right?* *ZOMG Sat Fat will kill you!* So, mentally, I'm Primal. I exercise Primally (lots of walks, occasional sprints, 65 push-ups a day every day unless I'm sick, 2x 60 seconds of planks... my abs are dead after that, calf exercises and "exercises" to get my stubborn hamstrings to relax)

                  Do you consume dairy: Yup. And grains & all the crap too, unfortunately. Don't shoot me!!

                  Do you drink coffee or tea: Tea. I absolutely HATE coffee. I don't like the bitterness. Even though I like 80% dark chocolate... hmm...

                  Motivator for switching to Primal: Health. And before I accepted it, I hoped that it would lessen my autistic "symptoms". No need for that now. And I want a flat belly and a only-just-visible six-pack. And some more butt wouldn't hurt, either.

                  Favorite exercise: I actually hate exercise. Not because of the pain, because strangely, I like that, but because it's so boring. You can't read or write while doing push-ups. (Well, you could if you do push-ups with one arm, that'd be: face, meet book, for me.

                  Favorite Primal food: Ribs. Ribs ribs ribs RIBS!! And a decent, bloody steak too.
                  I hate potatoes. My Mom boils them to mush. I actually swore to never eat potatoes again, once I live on my own. Glad I didn't include sweet potatoes in that oath.

                  Best part about being Primal: Uhh... Well, I've been almost Primal once, at the time I had an internship. Breakfast and lunch were Primal. Man, I could go HOURS without food. Lunch was either a small salad, a tiny little cup of full-fat yoghurt and some mac nuts. Lunch was eaten at 12 P.M and I could go without eating dinner. Without getting hungry at night.
                  And holy moley, I could BREATHE! I noticed that, when eating less gluten and grains, my windpipe... I don't know, loosened? Relaxed? Maybe I'm asthmatic? (sp?) But now I'm back to breathing uncomfortably. And I don't think my parents would believe me, since I've never complained about it.

                  Worst part about being Primal: Ehh. I dunno? I'll find out about it in three years or so, but for now, I'd say family members who think you're crazy. That'd be the biggest "burden" for me, I guess. My parents believe everything doctors and CW says. So I'd deliberately clog up my arteries and eat myself high cholestrol and a heart-attack. (I didn't know that eating myself to a heart attack could be so delicious )
                  It ain't makin' me any thinner
                  I eat a sandwich for break-fast
                  And then I have a sugar blast!
                  I eat toasted bread for lunch
                  And enjoy my mid-day crunch!
                  At dinner I eat pasta
                  And end my day with a sugar disasta!"

                  From the How am I not starving??? thread. Enjoy the read.


                  • Your location: Germany

                    Age: 55

                    How Primal are you: 90% with food, 20% with exercise, 80% sleep and sun

                    Do you consume dairy: some cheese, very seldom cream

                    Do you drink coffee or tea: yes

                    Motivator for switching to Primal: weight loss (12 kg since easter), sleep difficulties, pain in my feet

                    Favorite exercise:yet to be done

                    Favorite Primal food: veal liver

                    Best part about being Primal: new kind of hunger: I am never desperately hungry, just the feeling I could eat some nice food

                    Worst part about being Primal: Having to explain to people

                    Hi everyone,
                    I have read so many post from nice interesting people here over the last weeks, I wanted to join the forum.
                    I live near Munich in southern Germany with my daughter (21) and my son (18). In German I am "alleinerziehend" (= alone educating = single mother) but I think, education chances are over.
                    I work as a high school teacher for mathematics, physics and computer science.
                    I like reading a lot, I have read many books and internet articles on nutrition, often contradictory, but in the last years everything seemed to come together to a way of living like primal or perfect health diet.
                    I like cooking and we have a tiny garden (30 square meters) just 3 km from where we live.
                    Today, before school, I went there by bycicle with our small sheltie dog and got about two pounds of potatoes, some carrots, onions and broccoli and some herbs. Broccoli were grat for lunch.
                    I am invited now to have coffee (and probably cake, hopefully I will stand the temptation) at a good friends's, I will bring her some of the herbs (parsley, majoran?) together with dried mushrooms I bought in the Italian mountains in august.
                    I have found so much information and wunderful motivation from all the people here, I want to thank you all for sharing your lives and giving advice and support and encouragement here.
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                    • Your location: Fort Sill, OK

                      Age (If you want): 24

                      How Primal are you: Just started, trying to go all-out

                      Do you consume dairy: Not anymore

                      Do you drink coffee or tea: One cup of coffee every morning with Stevia

                      Motivator for switching to Primal: Overall fitness, military physical training

                      Favorite exercise: Squats

                      Favorite Primal food: Walnuts, pistachios

                      Best part about being Primal: Already noticing a change in my body since starting two days ago. I have much more energy throughout the day, with more focus on tasks to accomplish

                      Worst part about being Primal: No carbs! I am a huge carb fiend, so it will take some major adjusting to stop eating pasta, pizza, etc.

                      I'm going to try and document my transition into the primal lifestyle while fitting into a military routine, so hopefully keep an eye out for future posts!


                      • Location- Lees Summit, MO

                        Age- 59

                        How Primal are you- for over a year.

                        Do you consume dairy: NO

                        Do you drink coffee or tea: Bullet Proof Coffee

                        Motivator for switching to Primal- was overweight, tire all the time and blood work was horrible. My son gave me a Paleo book to read and have been every since. Dropped 45 lbs and have my blood work in line.

                        Favorite exercise: None but I hit the tread mill and bike 3-4 times per week.

                        Favorite Primal food: Grass fed steak

                        Best part of being Primal- feel better than I ever have. Losing weight and since Paleo my sinus headaches have disappeared.

                        Worst part about being Primal- eating out. Rarely do anymore.

                        Paleo has changed my life. Can't thank my son enough for getting me started.


                        • Hello All!

                          I'm a long time lurker, occasional blog post commenter, and new forum member.

                          The Questions:

                          Your location: San Jose, CA

                          Age (If you want): 30

                          How Primal are you: Very primal

                          Do you consume dairy: Yes; cheese, butter and heavy cream

                          Do you drink coffee or tea: On occasion

                          Motivator for switching to Primal: I've been following a "primal" like diet template for over 2 years now; I was initially following a slow carb diet, then naturally transitioned to a more primal template (ditched the leugumes) due to personal taste/preferences.

                          Favorite exercise: Playing! (climb trees, swim in the ocean, bicycling, roll around in grassy fields, chase my dogs)

                          Favorite Primal food: Grass fed beef.

                          Best part about being Primal: I enjoy the entire lifestyle; its the most natural way to pursue optimal health in my opinion.

                          Worst part about being Primal: Nothing, really. If I had to pick "something", I'd say the difficulties with others understanding my dietary choices.


                          • Your location: Western Australia

                            Age (If you want): 36

                            How Primal are you: Just starting to adopt the Primal lifestyle through the 21 day Challenge. So currently probably about 60-70% Primal. Much room for improvement here!!.......

                            Do you consume dairy: Yes. But hope to limit considerably - a small dollop in tea and some occasional cheese

                            Do you drink coffee or tea: Yes. 2-3 teas a day.

                            Motivator for switching to Primal: To lead a healthier life style. To stop having a constant battle in my head over food. To hopefully eliminate the need for my asthma medication.

                            Favorite exercise: walking the dogs on the beach.

                            Favorite Primal food: Looove bacon.

                            Best part about being Primal: Haven't figured that out yet, but hoping one of the benefits to be free from the shackles of food!

                            Worst part about being Primal: None I've come across yet


                            • The Questions:

                              Your location:
                              Tampa, FL and Sofia Bulgaria (sorry, I am undecided on the location yet!)

                              Age (If you want):

                              How Primal are you:
                              Very, very primal.

                              Do you consume dairy:
                              Only if I have to get on a plain because I think the plain may crash and I may die so I would eat ice cream. I read in all paleo books that is totally totally acceptable! Just kidding )

                              Do you drink coffee or tea:
                              No coffee, no tea. I've never been a coffee drinker even when I worked as a barrister, and drinking tea, what's the point?

                              Motivator for switching to Primal:
                              A stroke caused by a PFO (holes in my heart) that caused me a permanent peripheral vision blindness in my right eye, and a Hashimoto's.

                              Favorite exercise:
                              It used to be yoga when I was a vegetarian who used to look like an anorexic super model. I am a dude, I do look like one now and I have the energy to walk and bike so I do like going to the gym a lot.

                              Favorite Primal food:
                              Grass fed beef/stake

                              Best part about being Primal:
                              I can read people's minds!
                              No, I can't do that, but my sex drive and stamina have gone from nonexistent to at least once per day. Oh God, I hope nobody is ready this...

                              Worst part about being Primal:
                              It is so darn expensive plus I may have to hire a cook. Actually, I don't really need one. I eat raw most of the time.


                              • The Questions:

                                Your location: Oswego, NY, USA

                                Age (If you want): 20, Male, 5'10" 144lb

                                How Primal are you: 100% caveman, but I live in a house.

                                Do you consume dairy: I do not, but i and seemed to process it fine.

                                Do you drink coffee or tea: I will drink tea more in the winter probably, but I only drink coffee if Im on a long drive.

                                Motivator for switching to Primal: tryna cure psoriasis. Been primal for 6+ months, but recently made adjustments to heal my gut. Making progress!

                                Favorite exercise: Ive trained bodyweight for three or more years, so I really enjoy movements like muscle ups, pullups, pushups, and pistol squats.

                                Favorite Primal food: I love steak.

                                Best part about being Primal: being healthy

                                Worst part about being Primal: whats not to like? I go through 3 cups of brown rice in two days. Stopped cold turkey, and havent craved once. Never really loved carbs.

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