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  • Another KS newbie here (hello to Carolyn upthread). I'm new here and new to trying out primal.

    Your location: KS

    Age (If you want): 34

    How Primal are you: Just starting. Eggs for breakfast. . .yay! Chinese last night for dinner. . .boo : ( Figuring out what to do right now. I do have a buck in my freezer & eat lots of game, so that has to offset some of the carbs we were eating, right?

    Do you consume dairy: yes

    Do you drink coffee or tea: green tea, no coffee

    Motivator for switching to Primal:
    This is a health thing for my family and me. I don't personally expect weight or body comp changes (already pretty good). I have a theory that my husband is gluten sensitive, and he has high cholesterol (yeah, yeah, it might not be a bad thing). He has gained weight & just doesn't seem as healthy as he could be. It's important for me to take care of his health because his dad weighs over 300 lbs and the whole extended family is unhealthy - his grandparents died in their 60s. I also hope to find some ADHD relief for my little one & acne relief for my teenager. I have some aches & pains in my wrists, knees, fingers, and toes that I hope will go away.

    Favorite exercise: I like them all. Right now doing Insanity videos.

    Favorite Primal food: steak

    Best part about being Primal: red meat

    Worst part about being Primal: I actually don't (didn't?) cook, so losing my 15 minute meal in a bag, frozen pizza, just eat a bowl of Lucky Charms options kind of sucks as a busy working parent.


    • Hello!

      Your location: Good Ole' Arkansas

      Age (If you want): 33

      How Primal are you: General, not to strict with certain items like dairy.

      Do you consume dairy: yes

      Do you drink coffee or tea: green tea and coffee

      Motivator for switching to Primal:
      I have done Atkins since 2005 due to wanting to shed lots of weight (310lbs). After doing research while I was back on track with Atkins, I ran across MDA and have since been hooked. I've committed myself to strength first.

      Favorite exercise: Weighted Squats - rawr.

      Favorite Primal food: Avocado, egg, and pork.

      Best part about being Primal: Wonder Woman Enthusiasm

      Worst part about being Primal: Trying to get the whole family to eat this way and lose the grains for good.
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      • Hey all!

        I've been doing the whole primal thing for a few months now and recently discovered this blog a few weeks ago. I'm currently living in Ohio practicing as a registered nurse. I'm trying to live grain-free and dairy-free mostly for health benefits, but it's not easy. My SO loves to eat out a lot and finds cooking at home a hassle. I do drink coffee and tea pretty much every day. My favorite exercise is definitely working with kettlebells. I love to eat veggies and grass-fed steak. The best part about being primal is how good I feel. It seems like I always have energy and don't become tired very easily. The worst part about being primal is that I can't eat out all the time with my boyfriend. I also love to bake, and obviously that kinda goes against the primal way. So that's me in a nutshell. I'm so excited to be a new member of this awesome community!


        • Your location: Gahanna, Ohio

          Age (If you want): 40

          How Primal are you: Just starting going full go right from the start.....

          Do you consume dairy: Not anymore

          Do you drink coffee or tea:Coffee yes, tea no

          Motivator for switching to Primal:I'm fat, tried other ways to lose, and nothing is lasting... I keep going back to eating and drinking everything... I need a lifestyle change to make sure I stay around for my kids....

          Favorite exercise:Playing soccer

          Favorite Primal food:Meat

          Best part about being Primal: The results I hope to get will be the best part

          Worst part about being Primal:Not knowing what the hell I'm doing


          • cold greetings from uk! i am a little lost

            Hi guys,

            Your location: Uk but from Brazil

            Age (If you want): 30

            How Primal are you: just in the beggining 3 weeks
            Do you consume dairy: just goats products

            Do you drink coffee or tea: 1 coffee a day

            Motivator for switching to Primal: long trying, failing, trying againn and motivation to find the best that suits for me

            Favorite exercise: squats and pushups

            Favorite Primal food: macadamia nuts and veggie

            Best part about being Primal: i am still waiting.... and

            Worst part about being Primal: at the moment just feeling horrible....

            I used to eat very little meat and more vegetables and fruits and grains, due to Chinese medicine tradition. We Learn the nature of the food and its indications, Like any other different branch of nutrition.
            Saying that I barely for years never managed to shift my weight from 68 kg, being 1.60m,, no matter how much exercise and cardio I did do.
            When I heard about Primal a couple months ago me and my husband read a lot Mark's website and many posts made so much sense even though in my intimate I didn't like the idea of eating meat everyday.

            I am still very new to this new lifestyle change and to be honest I am feeling really bad, indigestion, full, constipation and headaches. Opss and afloring some spots on my face! Great!
            I am eating meat everyday at least once a day, eating when I am hungry, healthy oils, and veggies, and a bit of fruit., exercising as i was told :-) 2 pounds lost in 3 weeks!!!!

            PLEASE I know I suppose to wait the carb flu symptoms but I am finding hard to feel this will be ok for me.



            • Your location: Vienna, Austria (Europe)

              Age (If you want): 40

              How Primal are you: 95%

              Do you consume dairy: Rarely using cream or cheese

              Do you drink coffee or tea:Coffee yes, tea no

              Motivator for switching to Primal: was strict vegetarian for over 20 years (17-37), the years before, even as a child i really disgusted meat as "dead body parts"...had bulimia with extreme carb cravings and depressions for a very long time, being quite slender, without knowing that i had some hormonal issues that made me exposed to insuline intolerance (and thus the carb cravings)...then read some books about "bulimia and sugar"....reduced sugar, depression improving, bulimia fading....but then at 37, i started to gain weight (around 8 kg), had some water retention issues, it seems that with just some drops of alc i am gaining already one kilo weight.... started with paleo...and for the first time in my life - i had peace of mind - no longer any carbs weight issue is not perfect (its the red wine...) but i am improving...

              Favorite exercise:Yoga, running, freediving

              Favorite Primal food:Chicken

              Best part about being Primal: Peace of mind

              Worst part about being Primal: having to resist alc nearly at all, as apparently red wine is again leading to carb cravings (just smaller quantities)


              • Hello everybody! Here are my answers.

                Your location: Santa Monica, CA

                Age (If you want): 30s but still feel 25. =P

                How Primal are you: I began the diet a month ago (Oct. 7th 2012). I'd say for the first month I've been about 70/30. But now that I'm getting the hang of it, I'll be going more like 80/20 or even 90/10!

                Do you consume dairy: Nope.

                Do you drink coffee or tea: Tea, yes. Coffee occasionally.

                Motivator for switching to Primal:
                In the beginning of the year I weighed about 175 which was heavy considering I'm 5'5" and my high school weight was 130. In February I decided to join a gym and look into different diets because I had been trying a Vegetarian diet for over a year and I didn't feel like it was working. For the next 6 months, I tried going Vegan for a few months and then gave up gluten for a good 3 months. I was beginning to lose weight but I decided to reintroduce meat into my diet because I had gone about a year and a half without eating meat and frankly I missed the delicious taste of it.

                In the summer I started eating all kinds of meat again! I figured that I was working out multiple times a week and weight loss was just a mathematical equation of calories in, calories out, so I began eating all the foods I had missed dearly: steak, chicken, meat lovers pizza, sushi, beer, candy, milk and cookies... you name it, it was on my plate once again. I was tracking my calories on a phone app but I always felt hungry or I would always go over my caloric intake. After a few months I hit a wall with my weight loss after reaching 157.

                I once again started looking at diets because my goal was to get to 145. So around August I stumbled across Mark's Daily Apple and read a few articles but continued my normal diet of counting calories. (The seed had been planted). In September I once again starting to read more articles on this website and did more research about the Paleo diet. Finally in October I decided to give it a try. After a month of being on the diet I was able to shed those remaining pounds and reach my goal weight of 145!!

                Favorite exercise: Muay Thai pad work.

                Favorite Primal food: Steak and steamed veggies.

                Best part about being Primal: Bacon.

                Worst part about being Primal: No pizza. =(

                Thanks for reading.


                • Hello all!

                  Your location: Fife, Scotland

                  Age (If you want): 40!

                  How Primal are you: Medium...

                  Do you consume dairy: Yes, butter, some good cheese, occasional yoghurt

                  Do you drink coffee or tea: Lots of good black & green tea

                  Motivator for switching to Primal: Just seems obvious now!

                  Favorite exercise: cycling

                  Favorite Primal food: eggs

                  Best part about being Primal: Enjoying good food and knowing it is healthy!

                  Worst part about being Primal: not fitting in with friends, neighbours, wider society.


                  • Your location: Fort Worth, TEXAS

                    Age (If you want): 21, for now

                    How Primal are you: On a scale of Fat Joe to Mark Sisson, I'm a 79. Conventional wisdom and a look at me would say I'm a 93
                    health wise, but there are some Korg-esque behaviors and foods I could get rid of.

                    Do you consume dairy: Not much, occasionally cheese. Used to drink milk often. Would like to delve into butter with my eggs.

                    Do you drink coffee or tea: No and no . Should start drinking tea, should stop drinking Diet Dr. Pepper (then I'd be an 84)

                    Motivator for switching to Primal: Always been interested in health, science and evolution (among other things irrelevant to living primal). Living primal seems obvious now.

                    Favorite exercise: All forms of weight lifting (with heavy heavy emphasis on the basics (squats, deadlifts, presses...)), sprinting,
                    and ultra-light jogging (3 miles at most). I've done these well before discovering mark's daily, but have upped the sprinting since learning of and experiencing their greatness. Also, golf.

                    Favorite Primal food: Steak. Pretty unique. Favorite "new" Primal food: Eggs. Rarely ate them before. I wish to someday

                    Best part about being Primal: I'm getting tan AF (healthy glow) whereas I used to sunburn in my house. But more importantly the overall sense of well-being and the OK to act like the animal that I am.

                    Worst part about being Primal: People thinking I'm dieting (not that there's anything wrong with "dieting" if it's needed), and the little part of me that dies every time I turn down pizza and cake.


                    • The Questions:

                      Your location: Great Falls Montana

                      Age (If you want): 51

                      How Primal are you: 100% for the last month, new to all of this, but happy!

                      Do you consume dairy: Yes, butter and cream for my coffee

                      Do you drink coffee or tea: Coffee

                      Motivator for switching to Primal: Weight loss was my biggest motivator and it was something I thought I could stick to.

                      Favorite exercise:

                      Walking the dog, long, long walks.

                      Favorite Primal food: Beef, bacon, all the protein

                      Best part about being Primal: That I have lost 10 pounds in one month while eating great food and never feeling deprived.

                      Worst part about being Primal: Haven't really found anything. I was and probably still am addicted to sugar and I love a piece of toast with butter, probably all bread with butter, but if I can keep loosing this weight and get healthy, it will all be worth it!


                      • Your location: New Jersey, USA

                        Age (If you want):45

                        How Primal are you: Just started 3 weeks ago

                        Do you consume dairy: yes

                        Do you drink coffee or tea: yes

                        Motivator for switching to Primal: sick and tired of being sick and tired (and overweight)

                        Favorite exercise: none

                        Favorite Primal food: meat

                        Best part about being Primal: I feel better - less swelling and inflamation

                        Worst part about being Primal: not losing a bunch of weight yet...and still craving sugar


                        • Location: Canada

                          Age: 32

                          How Primal: on day 7!

                          Dairy: Yes please!

                          Coffee: Absolutely

                          Motivator for switching to primal: I had had some limited success with lo carb before, but what really drew me in was how people had talked about the positive effect on so many other things, especially anxiety.

                          Favorite exercise: still working that out as my body and energy levels change.

                          Favorite primal food: still figuring that out too.

                          Best part about being primal: when any other diet caused me to crash, the fats in the primal diet have helped me stick with it. Any I am really starting to look at sugar and grains as the drugs they are, I hope it lasts!

                          Worst part about being primal: Maybe that we are grain farmers, lol

                          Also, if any of you are using Daily Burn Tracker to track progress, I just set up a Primal Blueprint group on there because there was none, and I would love some company!


                          • Hi, I'm new

                            Your location: canada, B.C.

                            Age (If you want): 31

                            How Primal are you: I'm a week in full-out, been making changes for the past month

                            Do you consume dairy: a few times a week right now, raw milk cheese and grassfed butter

                            Do you drink coffee or tea: both, coffee in the morning only, tea the rest of the day

                            Motivator for switching to Primal: single mother, exhausted, needed energy -stamina, clarity, positive mental state etc. had been vegan for quite awhile, under intense stress. so health I guess. fat loss and body recomp secondary.

                            Favorite exercise: hiking or playing with the 3 year old

                            Favorite Primal food: deer meat! also avocado, eggs, salmon, coconut

                            Best part about being Primal: all the fat i get to eat is the best part so far and slowly i'm noticing less obsessing about food and what i'll eat next - after high carb it's refreshing to see changes in my appetite and focus

                            Worst part about being Primal: tmi? slower bowels. but i'm new so hopefully that adjusts with more time


                            • Your location: Missouri

                              Age (If you want): 26

                              How Primal are you: Off and on 100%

                              Do you consume dairy: Yes

                              Do you drink coffee or tea: Yes

                              Motivator for switching to Primal: Health and lose weight.

                              Favorite exercise: I do my own workouts, ballet stuff for bottom half, my own stuff for arms/stomach.

                              Favorite Primal food: Deer steak.

                              Best part about being Primal: The healthy, the energy.

                              Worst part about being Primal: Trying to feed a family of four off one income.
                              Earthy Mama's Journal

                              "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" ~ Hippocrates


                              • Your location: Tennessee

                                Age (If you want): 45

                                How Primal are you: Just starting, don't know exactly how just yet, but learning

                                Do you consume dairy: Yes

                                Do you drink coffee or tea: Yes

                                Motivator for switching to Primal: Colon Health (UC) and lose weight.

                                Favorite exercise: Strength training w/ my husband and some cardio.

                                Favorite Primal food: Steamed/Roated Veggies

                                Best part about being Primal: The health benefits.

                                Worst part about being Primal: Feeding 5 kids who love mac&cheese, french fries, bread, cookies, etc.