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  • Hello

    Your location: Philadelphia,PA

    Age (If you want): 38, very soon to be 39

    How Primal are you: about 90 percent primal, I am still figuring out sources for high quality meats and fish but I have produce well under control. Have only had grains 1 time in the past 2 weeks ( a slice of Ezekiel bread for my upset digestive system).

    Do you consume dairy: Yes, the organic stuff and some raw cheeses

    Do you drink coffee or tea: coffee and herbal tea on occasion.

    Motivator for switching to Primal: my weight, the way I feel after eating pasta and bread and sugar, my partner and I are expecting and I want to have the energy to support her and enjoy the experience.

    Favorite exercise: Swinging around kettle bells

    Favorite Primal food: my go to lunch, sautÚ mushrooms and onions with chopped up roast chicken or turkey dipped onto a big pile of spinach sprinkled with sunflower seeds with homemade salad dressing.

    Best part about being Primal: being able to get though a day without having a eat or die moment. No more hunger crises.

    Worst part about being Primal: My partner is going to take some time to convince she really loves pasta, but I want her to be healthy and grain free.


    • Your location: Maryland, USA

      Age (If you want): early 30s

      How Primal are you: Good question--I just started last week, so doing the best I can as I'm learning!

      Do you consume dairy: I'd like to only do raw but my husband isn't on board so I will probably limit it.

      Do you drink coffee or tea: Tea mostly. Will drink a decaf coffee once a month?

      Motivator for switching to Primal: Thyroid issues. Wouldn't mind being more toned too

      Favorite exercise: Used to be running, but I have some pain in my feet lately. Yoga if I had more time.

      Favorite Primal food: Avocado

      Best part about being Primal: I've only been on it 6 days and I already feel less bloated. Also, I hate counting calories!

      Worst part about being Primal: As of right now? That I'm going to NYC this weekend with friends who are going to want a cupcake and I can't decide if I will partake...80/20 and all that, but worried it will set me back.


      • Your location:
        I live in California
        Age (If you want):
        How Primal are you:
        I'm about 90% percent primal. Recently I changed to grass fed beef, and grass fed butter. I try to fallow the primal way of life as strictly as I can, though sometimes it is rather difficult.
        Do you consume dairy:I do consume dairy, but rarely. I've learned to cut my milk consumption down(very difficult thing for me to do) and I am trying to find a good place to get greek yogurt since most stores only sell fat free.

        Do you drink coffee or tea:
        Yes I do drink tea but not to often.
        Motivator for switching to Primal:
        Well, I've always tried to eat in a healthy manor. I spent some time as a vegetarian, but soon grew tired of how difficult it was to remain vegetarian. It just didn't feel natural to me. At that time I was incredibly active, and worked out a lot. That was two years ago, this past year I started my first year at an actual state university in california and hit my highest weight (210) pounds and started shifting back to that vegetarian life style. Personally I just wanted to be healthy. I worked at a pizza place, that I recently quite (thankfully! That place was the cause of every ounce of my stress). In my first year of college I met, and started having conversations with a person that was on what he called the "primal lifestyle". Naturally, I was intrigued but also skeptic. Being able to eat all the meat and veggies you want. What's up with that? That's bad for the health, or at least that's what I was thinking at the time. I talked to him more, and being my "anthropological" normal self (before I switch to a Japanese major I was an anthropology major and spent three years in the major) I observed him, documenting in my head how he acted, his energy levels, all of that good stuff. I took switching to a primal lifestyle logically, scientifically if you will. I observed and read what I could read about it. I still wasn't sold on what my friend was saying but, to me, is was sound. Anthropologically speaking, the human race didn't evolve on grains, thus we should be able to survive without them. Then, during my winter break from school I decided to try being primal out. That was 7 months ago, and I have never once regretted the decision.
        Favorite exercise:
        I love walking. Just a nice walk at any time of the day is the best.
        Favorite Primal food:
        definitely eggs.
        Best part about being Primal:
        The amount of energy I have probably is comparable to when I was a child. Also, I sleep soundly at night.

        Worst part about being Primal:
        Eating out at restaurants is difficult. I usually just get sushi or curry and that's it.


        • Your location: Atlanta, GA

          Age (If you want): 33

          How Primal are you: Just started

          Do you consume dairy: Butter, cheese

          Do you drink coffee or tea: sometimes coffee with unsweetened vanilla coconut almond milk

          Motivator for switching to Primal: Had success with LC; I had my second baby 3 months ago; want to eat healthy unprocessed foods, enjoy my sports and play with my kiddos. It makes the most sense of all eating lifestyles. Husband is on board with eating unprocessed, but he still thinks whole grains are fine.

          Favorite exercise: I did sprints for the first time today and I had a ton of fun. Mountain biking (I raced the past 2 years until I was pregnant again), Zumba.

          Favorite Primal food: Fruit, Dark chocolate, bacon, eggs, butter

          Best part about being Primal: feeling like I'm making good choices and the emphasis on PLAY

          Worst part about being Primal: Love ice cream; I could eat too much fruit easily; husband not totally on board; my 3 year old gets fed SAD at grandma's house. She's a carb-o-holic like I used to be.


          • Hi! I'm Meghan!

            Your location: Syracuse, NY

            Age (If you want): 28

            How Primal are you: depends on the day, but I'd say averaging right around 80%

            Do you consume dairy: Occasionally. Cheese is really the only dairy I do, and it's not often.

            Do you drink coffee or tea: Heck yes.

            Motivator for switching to Primal: I'm a fat kid. I read the book, I get the science, and so far I'm down 44 pounds.

            Favorite exercise: I do the cross-fit thing. Just started May 15th. That has helped immensely with the weight loss.

            Favorite Primal food: I can't choose. Give me all the meat and I'm a happy girl.

            Best part about being Primal: I'm never hungry, I rarely crave sugar/bread/the other crap I used to eat, I'm happier, and I'm getting sexier. What's not to love!?

            Worst part about being Primal: Having to explain it to people who don't wanna hear it/don't get it. When they get belligerent, I blame the "diet" on my trainer, so they just shut up. If they genuinely want to hear about it, then I try my best to explain.
            GW: No clue since I have never been thin. I'm "big boned" frame-wise so I'm shooting for 170-ish, but I'll see when I get there, I guess.
            CW: 268
            SW: 316

            As of 7/17/12 Down 48 pounds!


            • Your location: Pasadena, Maryland

              Age: 51

              How Primal are you: At least 80%. I've been trying to stay on the Primal way of eating for the last month, and haven't had a hard time at all. Grains and sugars to me are like antifreeze to a cat. Sweet to eat but they are poison. Started really working out consistently this past week or two, need to add in sprinting though and keep my body moving during the day.

              Do you consume dairy: Yes, mostly cheese on my egg and cream for my coffee, though I think I may stop it or a time just to see how my body feels.

              Do you drink coffee or tea: Yes, GROK LOVES COFFEE! At least a couple cups a day.

              Motivator for switching to Primal: I am type 2 diabetic, and have been taking six pills daily. I want to stop the damage that the excessive carbs and these medications are doing to me.

              Favorite exercise:Walking mostly.

              Favorite Primal food: A zucchini boat stuffed with meat, veggies and melted cheese.

              Best part about being Primal: No more acid reflux. My fasting blood sugars are coming back down into normal range, and I have one heck of a lot more energy.

              Worst part about being Primal: Cooking everyday. Some days I wish great fresh food just came in a box. That said, I do enjoy cooking and have gotten better at it, so I think I'll count my blessings.


              • Hello everyone ! from a new member ....happy Tuesday

                Your location: London

                Age (If you want): 52

                How Primal are you: only just started 10 days ago ...but have been able to keep off grains and legumes without too much problem so far - already eat lots of veg and fruit so not to difficult there - did have carb flu and the runs first 3-5 days was a bit alarming but reading round the site really helped me understand what was going on and everything has settled down now

                Do you consume dairy: yes love affair with cheese, also eat eggs ,butter and milk

                Do you drink coffee or tea: yes 2 cups espresso with milk pd - green and regular tea depending on mood 3-5 cups pd

                Motivator for switching to Primal: overweight since childhood - many many weight loss attempts some successes but always put in back on again sigh ! never could understand why , jogging, treadmill and gym hostage for much much too long and still could not shift weight ...just very very hungry, food obsessed and watching every morsel I put in my mouth..!! but I think things falling into place with PB as its having some dramatic results already !

                Favorite exercise: running outside - injured my knee last year so cannot run anymore ...also love yoga and pilates , walking and swimming in the sea when I get a chance since UK weather does not allow that too often ! sailing - is that exercise ?

                Favorite Primal food: love lots of different things dedicated to my veggies and salad also love liver pate !

                Best part about being Primal:the food ! and so far I have lost more weight than I managed 2 months cal counting and working out 3 times pw and I have only been eating this way for 10 days

                Worst part about being Primal: really love baking ! used to make all our bread .. sourdough , wholewheat you name it.....but I am hopeful that I will be ok with it since I feel better and have already lost some of that bloaty tum ..hurrah !
                My Primal Journal :


                • Hi! Newby here. Im early May I bought The Primal Blueprint at a friend's suggestion. Since then I have lost 15 lbs just eating Primal.

                  This past Monday I started the 21 Day Total Body Transformation.

                  I am 62


                  Live in Virginia

                  I have gone totally Primal, cooking from Primal and Paleo recipes. Try to eat 80% organic, but that is not easy.

                  No Dairy

                  Yes, I drink green tea and tulsi tea

                  Steak is my fav Primal food

                  Favorite exercise; walking


                  • The Questions:

                    Your location: Idaho
                    Age (If you want): 42
                    How Primal are you: Extremely, since June 13th of this year.
                    Do you consume dairy: Yes
                    Do you drink coffee or tea: Yes, occasionally.
                    Motivator for switching to Primal: 250lbs on June 13th of this year - nearly twice my confortable weight.
                    Favorite exercise: Climbing, but not since all the weight gain - don't trust my big butt on the rocks.
                    Favorite Primal food: Meat cooked with fire.
                    Best part about being Primal: Less than one month and already 30 lbs lost.
                    Worst part about being Primal: Nothing at all.


                    • Hi

                      Your location: QLD Australia

                      Age (If you want): 19

                      How Primal are you: Just a beginner! Have totally cut out all breads/pastas/grains etc for about a week!

                      Do you consume dairy: Yes, mainly milk and butter. Milk is my current subtitute for all the sugary drinks I've been addicted to. Aim to reduce my milk consumption gradually

                      Do you drink coffee or tea: Tea, sometimes coffee

                      Motivator for switching to Primal: Obese, no energy, depression.

                      Favorite exercise: walking

                      Favorite Primal food: Steak

                      Best part about being Primal: Yummy food

                      Worst part about being Primal: Not many people understand, keep being told that fat, red meat is bad for me.
                      My Journal


                      • Your location: US, midwest

                        Age (If you want): 56

                        How Primal are you: Pretty primal: Still drink coffee w/ half and half, eat 1-2 oz cheese a few times a week, drink alcohol (wine & vodka, but not together ), don't yet excercise enough. Not sure about vinegar in salad dressing- guess that's not primal?

                        Do you consume dairy: see above

                        Do you drink coffee or tea: see above

                        Motivator for switching to Primal: Gradually slipped, slid, stumbled into this way of eating over the past ~ 3 years. I was a couple of years past 50 and decided like em or not, I was gonna eat more vegetables... to make room on the plate I got rid of the white rice, bread, pasta (being aware of the low-carb phenomena and also loving meat I wasn't going to give that up!) I wasn't really aware of what kind of health effects I could expect, but in addition to coming to love veggies, I experienced real benefits in the way I felt & looked - you know what I'm talking about. And I lost some weight, that got me thinking that maybe I could lose some more (and I sure needed to). So I began to read more low-carb stuff, and I read GCBC about that time. That got me interested in reading more about nutrition and "diets" and eventually I came across Cordain's and Sisson's books, then began surfing on the paleo/primal web, and began lurking here. There's a family history of Type 2 diabetes, so about a year ago when the routine labs with a phyical exam showed the beginning of elevated blood sugar I really tightened up and began to conform more closely to the primal way- gave up the last remnants of bad stuff (like the occasional whole wheat or corn tortilla, the occasional piece of birthday cake at work). For the past month or so, no gluten, no other grains, and no added sugar except what's in the 1/2 oz of 80-85% chocolate I eat nearly every day. Yeah, more info than you were looking for, but it wasn't a simple or immediate process.

                        Favorite exercise: Sadly, don't have one.... working on it....

                        Favorite Primal food: Guess it would be roasted vegetables, though you probably want me to say organ meat...

                        Best part about being Primal: Oh, too many to count.

                        Worst part about being Primal: Well, I guess it would have to be a sore tongue. That is, having to refrain from proselytizing/responding to discussions about food, diet, etc. with as much zeal as I would like.


                        • Hello. I live in MA and cannot find raw milk. I buy raw cheese at the grocery. Where do you find a reliable source of raw milk?


                          • Your location: US, Texas

                            Age (If you want): 31 in 12 days

                            How Primal are you: Starting the transition. Cleaned out fridge and pantry last weekend.

                            Do you consume dairy: In limited quantities, mainly butter and cheese. Never been a milk fan.

                            Do you drink coffee or tea: Reducing my coffee intake now but hope to continue green tea.

                            Motivator for switching to Primal: I feel like crap and want it to stop. Have had issues with anemia (B-12 specifically), gluten and gallstones for years.

                            Favorite exercise: Cycling - though I don't do it near as much as I used to.

                            Favorite Primal food: Avocados and chicken gizzards/liver

                            Best part about being Primal: Still discovering it... :-)

                            Worst part about being Primal: Eating out at restaurants.


                            • The Questions:

                              Your location: Queens, NY

                              Age (If you want): 25

                              How Primal are you: 80-85% (I enjoy my wine!)

                              Do you consume dairy: To a point-- a little bit of butter, some organic cheeses about 1-3x's a week (Bleu, Feta and Goat mainly), might have an occasional full fat yogurt

                              Do you drink coffee or tea: Yes. Black coffee and Green, Black, Peppermint Tea

                              Motivator for switching to Primal: My fiancÚ told me about it! I've always been trying to figure out the best weight lost plan and he asked me to try it out. I've been on it for 3 weeks and although I haven't lost as much weight as I had hoped for, I feel great and am definitely sticking to. I think the lifestyle is really essential. Especially, in a day in age when everything is packed with ingredients people can't even pronounce-- just not healthy.

                              Favorite exercise: Another problem I am trying to battle-- steady exercise plan. However, I really enjoy hiking and walking outdoors. I also enjoy an intense total body conditioning class at the gym.

                              Favorite Primal food: almond flour crusted chicken cooked with coconut oil. YUM!

                              Best part about being Primal: Constantly finding new recipes and ingredients to incorporate into meals.

                              Worst part about being Primal: Going out to eat. It's pretty hard to do in NY.

                              Well looking forward to reading the forums and becoming more educated on Primal living!


                              • Hello from Belgium!

                                Hello primal people from all over the world!

                                Short bio:
                                * 44 yr female
                                * married, 2 kids
                                * profession:software architect
                                * hobby: cyclocross

                                Location: Belgium

                                How Primal are you:
                                No idea, I am still reading the book and going through all the material, but I am on SCD since december 2011 and I am wearing my first pair of Vibrams so I guess I am already a little bit primal.

                                Do you consume dairy:
                                yes, but only 24hrs yogurt that I make myself from organic milk ,butter and cheese 2/W (cheddar or parmesan)

                                Do you drink coffee or tea:
                                yes, coffee being one of my main weeknesses, but I have only 1 cup a day. Actually I have 2 cups, but they are made out of the one cup and addings lots of water ;-)

                                Motivator for switching to Primal:
                                Last year I have suffered from undiagnosed severe weight loss and anemia. Doctors and hospitals could not help me, so I turned to the internet for help. (yes, doctors first ;-) ). As I already suffered from several food intolerances, I searched in that direction on the web and found SCD. As I was almost eating in a vegetarian way, and my diet was based on grains and legumes, it was quite a shock. I thought this type of diet was impossible to do. But as I did not find any medical help, I decided to give it a try. First days I suffered from terrible carb cold turkey, but somehow I managed. Another shock was spending hours in the kitchen to actually cook...quite a change from the microwave dinners. But as I was loosing so much weight I knew I had to do something, and I managed to adhere very stricktly to the diet. And it worked. I started to feel better, and after a couple of weeks I started to gain weight. Things went well for a while, and I gradually added new foods. But then things started to worsen again. Probably from excessive fruit consumption. Anyway, in the mean time I had researched a lot about food and health and came in touch with Mark's daily apple. So here I am, ready for the leap.
                                I am already grain free for a couple of months, so I think the adjustement will not be too hard.
                                I was also looking for a new way of excercising because I really hated the long hours on the bike in the low heart rates. And I haven't got the time for it anyway. So I am also very curious to see where Mark's excercise program will get me.

                                Favorite exercise:
                                plank and sprint

                                Favorite Primal food:

                                Best part about being Primal:
                                Being able to take control of my health without much chemical/medical help

                                Worst part about being Primal:
                                Still feeling guilty about eating animals and about the environmental damage in doing so. And keeping explaining to people why I eat the way I do.

                                My goals: gaining a couple of pounds (muscle offcourse); ditching the anti depressants; being free of digestive trouble (having regular episodes of pancreatitis and stomach aches) and becoming a more relaxed person.

                                Good luck for all of you!
                                Best regards from Belgium