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    I'm Griff, and I'm in inland Southern California. I'm 38, male, a recently diagnosed Type II diabetic, 392 pounds, 5'10" tall.

    I would say I'm about 60-70% Primal right now: My diet is low-carb (50g or less per day) with leafy greens predominating as my veggie intake, but due to my weight, I'm not able to do all the Primal exercise yet. That will come with time, I'm sure, as my weight drops and my balance gets better.

    I do eat dairy - mostly string cheese, cottage cheese, and cheddar cheese. I figure the carbs are almost negligible and as long as they fit into my 50g-or-less per day plan, I'm good.

    I drink the occasional glass of iced tea, but coffee has always given me heartburn, so I avoid it.

    My motivator for becoming Primal: Health! I need to bring my blood sugars down into a normal range, and I'm already seeing results! I'm also noticing that my arthritis is flaring less and I'm sleeping better. Even if I drop no weight, I'll be happy with the improvements in my health (although in six days I lost five pounds!).

    I love to dance. I get up in the morning, turn on my peppy pop-music playlist that would fit right into any gay disco's music selection, and dance for a half hour. It gets my heart rate up!

    My favorite Primal food has to be steak! I love it so much and always thought that I'd be unable to eat steak if I wanted to live a long life. Now I have it five times a week, and I've never felt better.

    The best part about being Primal is that I'm not hungry anymore. Whenever I tried the "diabetic" diets, I failed. I was ravenous and cranky all the time. On a Primal diet? I sometimes forget to eat! And my blood sugar is still going lower!

    The worst part about being Primal is that hardly anyone except my husband and my doctor take me seriously. Most people say "Well, you have to eat bread/corn/potatoes/grains to be healthy!" It drives. me. crazy.

    Primal eating in a nutshell: If you are hungry, eat Primal food until you are satisfied (not stuffed). Then stop. Wait until you're hungry again. Repeat.

    Looking for my Cholesterol Primer? Here it is:

    Ditch the scale!:

    My Success Story:


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      I'm Vick. I live in Ontario Canada. I'm 53 and high blood pressure scared me into action. I'm about 80% primal. No bread in over a month, but did have some pizza last week. My only dairy is about 1 oz of chedar daily and I like my coffee and tea... black or clear.

      My weekly exercise plan is my strength test on Monday's. That is to CW in weights what primal diet is to CW nutrition. I also include 1 session of walking with sprints, and 2-4 walks of about 90 minute duration dependinig on the weather. I also will through 2-4 exercise sessions developed by my son called Spartan 300. 50 reps of 6 different exercises and the goal is to do it faster each time.


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        happy I saw this post: Here goes

        Your location: Chicago, Il.

        Age (If you want): 47

        How Primal are you: Trying to be 80/20 but I think I am about 60%, I would identify myself as a low carber but believe in this lifestyle more and more.

        Do you consume dairy: I love cheese, np diary products, well except for ice cream.

        Do you drink coffee or tea: Both of them. Espresso for the coffee and mainly Turkish black tea and Earl grey.

        Motivator for switching to Primal: Losing weight and getting healthier. I have some ancestors who had suffered from diabetes and I would not like to suffer from it...

        Favorite exercise: cycling and kettleballs

        Favorite Primal food: Cauliflower and eggs, bacon

        Best part about being Primal: Down 35 pounds since Jan of 2008. I am a better cyclist

        Worst part about being Primal: My cookies

        I am a terrible writer and spell checker.


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          If anyone can tell me how to change my avatar, that'd be great. I'm too stupid to find it.

          I'm a 24 year old grad student at UCLA, originally from Louisiana. Will be finishing in December. I became primal almost 2 years ago after I discovered Ross Enamait's books and followed some links on his site to this blog as well as Scott Kustes' Modern Forager.

          Needless to say, my quality of life has improved dramatically and I will never go back. Primal eating is very easy and rewarding for me.

          My one true love and one of the reasons for my healthy lifestyle is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, though I'm in the middle of a LONG layoff due to time and money constraints related to grad school.

          My mistress is beer.


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            Your location: Victoria B.C. Canada

            Age (If you want): 24

            How Primal are you: 80/20

            Do you consume dairy: Very Rarely

            Do you drink coffee or tea: Both!

            Motivator for switching to Primal: To fuel my active lifestyle, and have more energy.

            Favorite exercise: Pushups, Biking

            Favorite Primal food: Eggs

            Best part about being Primal: Having an amazing amount of energy, and no longer having mood swings!

            Worst part about being Primal: Justifying my lifestyle to others when they force the issue.


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              Your location: SoCal

              Age (If you want): 31

              How Primal are you: How do you determine that?

              Do you consume dairy: Yes.

              Do you drink coffee or tea: Neither.

              Motivator for switching to Primal: Break my addiction to sugar.

              Favorite exercise: I don't have a favorite. I just love moving.

              Cardio: See above.

              Favorite Primal food: Caveman custard. Does that count?

              Best part about being Primal: I'm not sure how primal I am...I think I'm pretty much there but I'm not sure how you know. Anyhow, after giving up sugar (all forms except whole fruit) I feel after 14 days as if I've found the secret to the universe.

              Worst part about being Primal: Knowing that at some point I'll give in and eat something that might not feel good after because it will taste yummy in that moment.


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                I'm David, 61 years old, a Brit expat been living in Rotterdam, Netherlands for nearly 20 years. I'm 5 feet 10, 11 stone having lost 10 lbs since September last year when I started to go PB.

                Main motivation was to lose some fat which seemed to have mysteriously assembled itself around my waist. All my life I've been an active sportsman ( mostly squash ), but had to stop because of an accumulation of minor injuries told me that my body had decided this was too tough to continue ! I'm sure the reduction in exercise contributed to the deterioration above.

                I'm probably 70% PB - cut out grains and most dairy immediately - but still have a weakness for fruit which I can't quite eliminate, so my carbs are still much higher than ideal. Drink Matcha geen tea. I was vegetarian for many years so meat is still a problem - I compensate with plenty of fish ( don't ask me to explain the logic here ). I do also have a weakness for cheese, but living in Holland we do actually know what proper cheese is about so I can get really old stuff straight from the market.

                I'm out on my bike c 10 hours a week, but don't do strength training and the thought of going to a gym I find repellent and unnatural, so I need to find another way. I am going to restart playing squash to get the heart exercised again, but purely practicing and not competitively.

                Benefits have been enormous - in particular more calmness, energy, mental clarity, deeper sleep and meditation, not to mention the desired fat loss. Some of my friends have noticed the difference and I'm hoping to do a gentle conversion job on them since the results are there for all to see.

                I have a website which is if you want to know a little more.


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                  Hi everyone, I came across MDA's last month when I started reading about no- and low-carb diets after reading (ironically) an article about a recent study suggesting the health benefits of a high-carb diet. I'm a new convert, totally believed the CW of complex grains, eating every 6 hours, etc. I used to think Atkins was money-making BS but now realize how misinformed I was. I love MDA's and can't wait to learn to be more Primal!

                  Your location: Canada

                  Age (If you want): 28

                  How Primal are you: Just starting!

                  Do you consume dairy: Yes, 1 tbsp milk/cream with coffee, low-carb cheese, greek-style yogurt.

                  Do you drink coffee or tea: Yup!

                  Motivator for switching to Primal: Health reasons and also to look leaner

                  Favorite exercise: started power & strength training a few months ago and love it! Also hiking up mountains.

                  Favorite Primal food: Black Cod

                  Best part about being Primal: No more hypoglycemic dips and no longer craving all those sugary desserts!

                  Worst part about being Primal: Eating out or at someone's home. It's hard to find things that are primal and not too expensive. And it's hard to not eat the dessert that your host is giving you when they have made it themselves.

                  My 30-day goal (on day 13) is to minimize carbs as much as possible and see how I do. Most of my carbs right now are non-starchy veggies, the minute amounts of sauces (mostly avoid if I can), small amounts of daily dairy, some nuts, and a handful of berries here and there.


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                    Hey ya'll, I just joined. I've been doing a 80% Paleo type diet for about a month and just recently switched to a 95% Primal diet. It's been about a week now since i started eating primal. So far so good. I've also been doing P90X for 3 weeks now. That's also been going well. I have been slowly researching and incorporating better health into my life for about a year now...mostly in the search to get rid of acne. If you have any tips or questions about skincare/skinhealth, lemme know!

                    Your location: Baton Rouge,Louisiana (home to some of the best food in the world! but not always Primal!)

                    Age : 24

                    How Primal are you: 95%?

                    Do you consume dairy: VERY Rarely

                    Do you drink coffee or tea: No

                    Motivator for switching to Primal: Was looking for an easy, "anti-inflammatory" diet to combat acne.

                    Favorite exercise: playing basketball or football

                    Favorite Primal food: Ribs?...Bacon?...Beef?...Stir-Fry?...Fish?

                    Best part about being Primal: Feeling full after a meal without blood sugar spikes

                    Worst part about being Primal: I do miss Nachos, Cheeseburgers, and Pizza on occasion. And too bad Beer isn't primal...cavemen would've loved it!

                    semper ad meliora


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                      Your location:Western Australia

                      Age (If you want):25

                      How Primal are you: just starting out (just over a week in) i'd say about 85/90% but working on it

                      Do you consume dairy:yes just milk.

                      Do you drink coffee or tea:No

                      Motivator for switching to Primal:Get more health benifits

                      Favorite exercise:Walking with music pumping starting weights soon

                      Favorite Primal food: Steak & chicken

                      Best part about being Primal:Feeling the differece right away and only expect better things to come

                      Worst part about being Primal: Working with food.. All the food I have in my shop I cant eat


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                        Your location: Kentucky - am I the only one?

                        Age (If you want): 39

                        How Primal are you: I've been low-carb on and off for a very long time and sold on the benefits of grass-fed/pastured for awhile. Recommitted myself to it at the beginning of this year. Since then I've lost 30 lbs. Stumbled on this site quite by accident about a month ago and have been reading all I can since. Primal makes SO much sense!

                        Do you consume dairy: Not milk, but cheese, yogurt, kefir yes. I'm blue-eyed, European heritage, doesn't seem to bother me.

                        Do you drink coffee or tea: Well, yes - seeds and leaves! I do try to limit myself to 1 cup of coffee a day.

                        Motivator for switching to Primal: Health and weight-loss. I'm 39. If I don't get it together soon I know will fall apart.

                        Favorite exercise: Hiking in the woods.

                        Favorite Primal food: A big ol' steak medium rare.

                        Best part about being Primal: I feel so good!

                        Worst part about being Primal: My family and friends think I'm crazy. "What do you mean no grains?!? That can't be healthy!"


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                          Your location: Wilmington, North Carolina

                          Age (If you want): 21

                          How Primal are you: More than most, less than some.

                          Do you consume dairy: YES. I love milk. I drink it by the glassfuls. I was told by a reputable source that a good way to gain mass is to GOMAD (gallon of milk a day). I drink about a half-gallon of milk a day if it's available. I am 6'4" and just over 150, so I could use some extra weight, hence why I drink so much milk. But since I've started to drink milk with the intent to gain mass, I've actually gained quite a taste for it. Organic, pasteurized milk is about the only dairy I consume, though. I drink pasteurized because it's all I'm aware that is available to me. I don't eat yogurt because its sugar content is too high and I rarely eat cheese. Is butter dairy? If so, I love to cook with butter.

                          Do you drink coffee or tea: No. Exercise works better to wake me up than caffeine!

                          Motivator for switching to Primal: All the cool kids were doing it.

                          Favorite exercise: Pull-ups! Air squats and lunges tie at a close second.

                          Favorite Primal food: Beef! Angus T-Bones.

                          Best part about being Primal: Being strong, fit, and happy.

                          Worst part about being Primal: Giving up BLTs. I could still consume the B, L, and T, but without the mayonnaise-smeared bread, it's just not the match made in heaven that it is with.


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                            Your location: Erie, Colorado

                            Age: 57

                            How Primal are you: just starting out. I found MDA last spring.

                            Do you consume dairy: Yes; Greek yogurt, raw goat's milk, cream, cheese, butter

                            Do you drink coffee or tea: Yes

                            Motivator for switching to Primal: Health benefits. I've already lost over 20 pounds, without feeling the least bit deprived.

                            Favorite exercise: Walking on my treadmill while watching a movie. Haven't made it through a whole movie yet, but I'm getting there. After a hour or so, I switch to the balance ball or free weights.

                            Cardio: Bellydancing

                            Favorite Primal food: Steak smothered in onions and garlic.

                            Best part about being Primal: Seeing and feeling a difference in just a few days.

                            Worst part about being Primal: Finding out what I thought was healthy (whole grains) is not.


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                              Your location: Jackson Ohio

                              Age (If you want): 37

                              How Primal are you: I am 75% Primal I just started on MDA but I been kinda of doing this type of diet and exercise for awhile.

                              Do you consume dairy: yes I like Cheese and plain yogurt

                              Do you drink coffee or tea: green Tea but I do like coffee with cream I gave it up because I starting to feel addictived to it

                              Motivator for switching to Primal: Loose weight feel good and more real strenght

                              Favorite exercise: Ju-jitsu ,Push-up, kettlebell swings, I HATE BLURPEES!!!!!

                              Favorite Primal food:Chicken and Veggies

                              Best part about being Primal:I like the workouts

                              Worst part about being Primal: I am not totally on board with no grains


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                                Hey y'all!

                                So I'm Nico. Half French, half American. Quite an odd-ball.

                                I'm always looking to try something new, and I figured I might want to try being healthy for once.

                                I wasn't huge when I was young, but then I got older finished school, joined the US army, and when that finished I moved to the US...

                                Did a lot of stupid things, and at my worst I clock in at over 300 lbs (one example of stupid).

                                Moved back to Europe 3 years ago, and I'm now trying to get my life in order so that I can live it.

                                I found Mark's blog because I had run across a book called "Exuberant Animal" by Frank Forencich. At the same time I came across "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougal.

                                And I'm using those two books as my starting point.

                                I'm also adding "The Primal Blueprint" to my list to help on the food side of the equation.

                                I'm probably going to put together a personal blog of all this soon.

                                We'll see.

                                Your location: Compiègne, France (45 minutes, or so, North of Paris)

                                Age (If you want): 29

                                How Primal are you: Not very since I'm just getting started (a.k.a. Just ordered, and waiting on the book)

                                Do you consume dairy: I live in France. It would be a crime not to eat delicious raw milk cheeses every once in awhile (and my aunt would have fits)

                                Do you drink coffee or tea: Both.

                                Motivator for switching to Primal: Makes sense, and I like meat and veggies.

                                Favorite exercise: Since I've (re)started the Couch to 5km program, but doing it barefoot/VFF, I actually enjoy running. This is also thanks to the book "Born to Run".

                                Favorite Primal food: Meat! Meat! And Meat! Venison and boar season is coming!!! Hare and pheasant!!! Duck! Goose!


                                Best part about being Primal: Ask me again in six months to a year.

                                Worst part about being Primal: Ask me again in six months to a year.

                                Once you learn that you create your own reality and that you are fully responsible for your life, you can begin to see the world as it is and then you realize the limitless possibilities.