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  • Your location: Münster (Germany)

    Age (If you want): 23

    How Primal are you: Well it depends on what you think about Dairy, as i have neither Casein nor Lactose intolerance and i have access to unpasteurized/unhomogenized milk and cheese i see absolutely no point in missing out on these. Otherwise ~95% primal.

    Do you consume dairy: see above -> milk post workout, cheese as a snack every few days and grass-fed butter

    Do you drink coffee or tea: i used to drink green tea but switched to white tea, i like the taste and the health benefits are obvious

    Motivator for switching to Primal: I was on Low-Carb diet for a few months already which led to weightloss already, but i wanted to combine that success with healthier food in general.

    Favorite exercise: climbing every possible form!

    Favorite Primal food: I gotta go with the big ass turkey salad (which is funny, because even a year ago i hated about every ingredient of it)

    Best part about being Primal: having bacon and eggs for breakfast and not having bad feelings about it at all

    Worst part about being Primal: As im not the preaching person, i never met resistance from friends or family. If anyone asks how i lost so much weight i explain the primal concept and they can see for themselves that it worked. If they do it or not isnt my problem.

    So i have to go with: no icecream anymore :/


    • Your location: Freeport, New York

      Age (If you want): 33

      How Primal are you: already slightly primal, but in the process of reading the blueprint.

      Do you consume dairy: Not purposely, I have been avoiding dairy.

      Do you drink coffee or tea: One cup of fresh coffee every day.

      Motivator for switching to Primal: Just wanting to be as healthy and happy as I possibly can for myself and my family.

      Favorite exercise: Old fashioned Squats.

      Favorite Primal food: Cucumbers.

      Best part about being Primal: Not completely sure yet, but the knowledge that my body is being fueled the way it was designed to be fueled.

      Worst part about being Primal: No more Cheerios?


      • Your location: Colorado Springs, CO

        Age (If you want): 28

        How Primal are you: Started a Whole 30 challenge on Saturday, Aug 20. 100% "Paleo" (meats, veggies, fruits, fats) right now.

        Do you consume dairy: After the 30 days, I will add dairy back in to see if it actually agrees with me. Love cheese.

        Do you drink coffee or tea: Yes, both.

        Motivator for switching to Primal: Health!!! In June, I went about 70% Paleo. I was 5'4" and 122lbs, and did not feel I needed to lose weight - but I lost 6 lbs and have kept if off with no problem. Not even trying, eating good foods til I feel full.

        Favorite exercise: Hiking. I don't do nearly enough of it though.

        Favorite Primal food: Bacon. Not eating it right now (no added sugars allowed...). Berries, grass fed beef.

        Best part about being Primal: Not having sugar highs and lows. Not feeling like I'm going to pass out if I don't eat sugar. I used to keep "emergency" candy in my car because I would become a CRAZY, irritated, mean person when I was crashing. I've only felt like that a few times in the last two months - after eating something high carb. I am finding I am very sensitive to carbs. Not having daily headaches! Having more energy!

        Worst part about being Primal: Realizing how badly I was treating my body, realizing all the lies that are fed to us about grains. Jabs from people about my diet (ok Fatty, have another slice of bread.). Being really irritated about how other people eat. I never cared before, it was just food. Being easily annoyed listening to people tell me about their "diet" "Oh, it works as long as I stay on it" while they are eating a large ice cream from Cold Stone. If you can't stay on it, it DOESN'T WORK!!!! Ah.


        • Hi everyone! I'm a new "Primal" from Italy

          Your location: Genoa (ITALY)

          Age (If you want): 35 (not feeling them at all!)

          How Primal are you: just a beginner, I'm yet to discover how much

          Do you consume dairy: mozzarella, brie, feta, parmisan, milk

          Do you drink coffee or tea: Both, but mostly coffee

          Motivator for switching to Primal: new healthy life primarily, achieve a new fitness, gain strengh in order to defend myself if necessary and to be able to play with my nephew (I couldn't lift him to let him dive!) let alone to be able to practice kendo with much more energy!

          Favorite exercise: Kendo and Hiking

          Favorite Primal food: Meat, any kind!

          Best part about being Primal: Liberation from worrying about calories and fat

          Worst part about being Primal: not being able to find almond or nut flour at the market! I'd so much like to make some cookies or bread with them, I think I'll have to make it myself!

          So, I just have to introduce myself a little bit more. I went on a diet on June 2010, I weighted 81 Kg at the time (getting fatter and fatter as time was going by), I was of course followed by a dietist and a very good one indeed.
          Now I am 70 kg and fit....more or less....but that's not the only change that occurred. As it happens I started feeling bad when eating carb based food, grain based one to be precise.
          So step by step I shifted to alternative "grain" as kamut for example...unfortunately, now I feel bad eating it as well....
          Meanwhile I got acquainted with some Primal followers I also got more and more interested in its principles and more and more willing in abandoning grain based food too....
          There is to say that here in Italy almost everything we eat is carb based....literally.
          Now it's been almost a week since I started going Primal and I feel much better on the stomach and all. The bad swollen feeling has gone away at the very least.
          Now I also have to start with the fitness workout part of the "blueprint".

          Is there anyone else from Italy?




          • Hi Nola! I'm a newbie too! Be reassured, most people thinks grains are the basic food here in Italy too! I didn't even try to explain the Primal "theory" to anyone so far. How could I even think they could understand a single thing about it?! So get on along your chosen path and take one stride at a time!



            • Living the good life

              Your location: Calgary

              Age (If you want): 67. Did I win?

              How Primal are you: 90+

              Do you consume dairy: Yes, whipped cream for 2-shot espresso campano, a little butter, occasional cheese

              Do you drink coffee or tea: Yes, and red wine

              Motivator for switching to Primal: Used primal previously as 'diet', dumb? Now, lifestyle choice.

              Favorite exercise: Walking, just getting into weights, etc.

              Favorite Primal food: Grass-fed beef

              Best part about being Primal: How I feel - really alive!

              Worst part about being Primal: What worst part? I could still be eating junk food and mearly existing.


              • Your location: Texas

                Age (If you want): 40ish

                How Primal are you: 90% just started a week ago but was already doing a very low carb diet so the lack of carbs (breads, pasta etc) was not really a problem for me.

                Do you consume dairy: no - can't tolerate Casein

                Do you drink coffee or tea: must have coffee in the am 2-3 cups

                Motivator for switching to Primal: To get in the best shape I can on the inside and outside!

                Favorite exercise: Crossfit and Krav Maga

                Favorite Primal food: bacon! I never used to eat it - what a treat!

                Best part about being Primal: knowing that I am doing good things for my body!

                Worst part about being Primal: I have a horrible sweet tooth....miss my milk chocolate desperately...


                • Your location: Upstate NY

                  Age (If you want): 41

                  How Primal are you: I'm an all or nutin' kind of gal

                  Do you consume dairy: no - I make my own kefier so once in a while maybe once a week

                  Do you drink coffee or tea: green tea in the morning

                  Motivator for switching to Primal: I'm overweight need to make a change for the better

                  Favorite exercise: for now keep moving and weights

                  Favorite Primal food: avadaco

                  Best part about being Primal: Just feeling better

                  Worst part about being Primal: I work in a kitchen, the temptations


                  • Hi. I am new. I thought about trying other diets, but wasn't sure if they were sustainable FOR ME in the longterm, as far as lifestyle goes. On another board, an online friend introduced me to the primal lifestyle. I have watched her body change and her weight drop. I was totally impressed.

                    Your location: California

                    Age (If you want): 41

                    How Primal are you: Just starting and still don't know what to eat? Was up all night reading the forums and the site.

                    Do you consume dairy: No

                    Do you drink coffee or tea: Definitely

                    Motivator for switching to Primal: I have been at a plateau for almost a month. My weight cycles up and down and no matter how low calorie I go, how many calories burned, how vigorous the workout, I don't lose weight. Simply, low calorie sucks! Tons of daily exercise takes away from what I enjoy doing, knitting, reading... It wasn't until a few days ago that I decided to do just 30 minutes of structured exercise and let the rest of the calorie burn come from my daily living, washing dishes, playing with my son, cleaning...

                    Favorite exercise: Walking

                    Favorite Primal food: Haven't gotten this far yet. Let it be sufficient enough to say that I love food

                    Best part about being Primal: Haven't yet decided. Brand spanking new and I am going to have to work my way into the best bits.

                    Worst part about being Primal: Starting something new always has its good and bad bits. Currently, at this very moment, I am lovin' the idea of being Primal


                    • If you need more info about the Paleo lifestyle and mind, body and soul incorporation check


                      • Hi.
                        I'm Natalie, from the UK.
                        Thought I'd say hi!


                        • Right, have been lurking for a while (well, have replied to a couple of posts) but am considering starting a journal so thought I should formally introduce myself!

                          Your location: Scotland, UK

                          Age (If you want): 33

                          How Primal are you: Hmmm...not sure how to quantify it really. Let's just say, enough for me at the moment. Am losing weight slow and steady and feeling GREAT! Not sure I will ever be 100% because a lot of my socialising revolves around food and there are certain things I am not going to never eat again (although I do generally make primal choices as far as I can). Have been doing some form of low carb/grain free/primal on and off for a good couple of years now and am 100% in my conviction that it's the right lifestyle for me.

                          Do you consume dairy: Yes. Double cream in coffee in morning, butter most days and yogurt and cheese occasionally.

                          Do you drink coffee or tea: Yes. Love my fresh ground coffee with double cream in the morning. Drink Rooibos tea instead of black though.

                          Motivator for switching to Primal: Weight loss and overall health.

                          Favorite exercise: Loving zumba at the moment and swimming (am doing my first open water swim next month).

                          Favorite Primal food: lamb....ehm....MEAT!!

                          Best part about being Primal: Everything really, but I suppose having much more stable moods and the energy to run around after my two children all day even after a poor night's sleep. Oh and being able to eat all the foods that I love the most, without guilt, while losing weight and feeling great!

                          Worst part about being Primal: Don't really think there is one for me tbh...well, not the way I am approaching it anyway. I'm sure a lot of people would say I'm not really Primal because I will eat grains/sugar on occasion but only when I really want to (not just because everyone else is!) and because I don't actually have allergies/intolerances it works for me.
                          Finally uncovering the real me!

                          My 'Serious Six' journal.


                          • Your location: USA

                            Age (If you want): 39

                            How Primal are you: I think I am more Paleo than Primal . I 'm not really sure what the difference is other than dairy

                            Do you consume dairy: no I'm lactose intolerant

                            Do you drink coffee or tea: BIG YES

                            Motivator for switching to Primal: the discovering that I have celiac's disease and a long list of food sensitivities including all grains and dairy.. Paleo just made sense.

                            Favorite exercise: walking

                            Favorite Primal food: bacon! or just meat in general

                            Best part about being Primal: not being sick all the time and loosing 18 lbs in the first 3 weeks of starting on this plan

                            Worst part about being Primal: unfortunately I've stalled on weight loss


                            • Simple introduction

                              My name is Greg and I have been practicing Paleo for about two weeks and came across Primal Blue print and loved the book. It goes with my mindset. I already love to hike and I own a pair of Vibrams, so I figured this is a good fit. Just weighed in after two weeks I lost 14 lbs and this is after having a couple of weak moments.
                              I also am hypoglycemic and my symptoms have disappeared after the first three days changing my diet. This is very relieving, having to eat every two hours is like being a prisoner to food and makes it very hard to lose weight. I am very pleased with this system..

                              Thanks Mark
                              Starting Date: August 11, 2011
                              Starting Weight: 330 pounds
                              Current Weight: 310 pounds
                              Goal Weight: 210 pounds


                              • Hi, everyone!

                                My name is Bobby, I am a 56-year old quadruple bypass survivor (Sept '05), and I live in Alabama. I recently became aware of Mark Sisson and The Primal Blueprint through a former co-worker's success with it. I saw him standing on a street corner a few weeks ago and could not believe my eyes. I had to look several times in order to convince myself that he was the same person that I had known for 18 years! The transformation was nothing short of incredible! My guess is that he had lost some 50 pounds and had completely changed the way he looked.

                                At the time of my bypass surgery, I was in the neighborhood of 240+ pounds on my 5' 11" frame. I had smoked for 32 years, ate all of the foods that I should not have, and was basically killing myself one bite and smoke at a time. After my surgery, I immediately lost 40 pounds, stopped smoking, and once my body was healed, I felt like a million bucks! I had gone through a 6-week program of cardiac rehab which had gotten me excited about a program of regular exercise. But once I went back to the desk job ... well, I soon got sedentary again. Nature of the beast, I suppose.

                                Fast forward to 2011 ... I am now back up to 225, eating things I should not, but have managed to stay away from tobacco. At least that's a plus one! But my body was telling me that I needed to get a grip and get healthy.

                                Enter The Primal Blueprint!

                                I will finish the book today, and I have been following the dietary guidelines for about a week now, and I am already noticing a change in my body. I have stepped on the scales, but I want to reserve judgment until I go back to my doctor's office ... which is my official scale. Two weeks ago, I tipped those scales at 222.4, so I fully expect to see a noticeable drop when I go back in a couple of weeks to have my BP checked again. I would hope that it would be much lower, too.

                                With my medical history, I must (literally) exercise caution with my workouts. I have begun by walking my neighborhood (quite hilly, I might add), paying particular attention to the 55-75% rule with regards to heart rate. I am also going shirtless on my walks in order to hopefully get my Vitamin D up.

                                I really am a very lucky individual ... to be my age with my medical history, I really don't have many restrictions. In fact, I would say that for my age, I am amazingly fortunate that I have a good range of motion and only a bare minimum of aches and pains that normally accompany someone my age. But I am no Mark Sisson ... yet. <grin>

                                So, there's my icebreaker! See you around the forums!

                                Grok on!
                                Bamaphotopro - Wedding & Portrait Photographer, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

                                Age 56 - Quad Bypass Survivor, Sept. 16, 2005
                                Went Primal - 8/22/2011 - 218 lbs.
                                9/13/2011 - 206 lbs. (Wife Noticed!)
                                Next Goal - 200 lbs. - Leaner & Stronger


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