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  • Exactly. Hate keeps my heart rate up.


    • Your location: California
      Age: 36

      How Primal are you: I'm not. I tried last year and somehow managed to fail. But, I seem to have come to the realization that I have systemic Candida issues, and I'm totally miserable. I need to do this (low carb primal) to heal my body. I'm a mess. I've been an emotional mess for other reasons too, this past year... but I need to get a grip or I'm going to be dead.

      Do you consume dairy: yes. In my tea/coffee- whole organic milk, or cream. I do eat kefir/yogurt to try and balance my system back out.

      Do you drink coffee or tea: both.

      Motivator for switching to Primal: Sick and tired of being sick and tired. Oh, and I'm sick of being fat.

      Favorite exercise: hiking, yoga, pilates. I wish I could go swimming, I used to love that. But, I don't live anywhere where there are streams/creeks or swimming holes anymore... and I can't tolerate chlorine.

      Favorite Primal food: hmm... bacon.

      Best part about being Primal: It can be done in ANY cuisine!

      Worst part about being Primal: Sourdough bread. I love sourdough bread... I need to chill out on it though till I get my health under control... then it can go in my 20% of the time category.


      • What about sarcasm? Ooh - wait... sarcastic encouragement?


        • Location: Alabama, US

          Age: 50 Female

          How Primal: I would say 90%--still some sugar in my coffee. I try to keep the carbs around 50 grams a day.

          Dairy Consumption: Butter (yummm) and heavy cream for coffee

          Motivation for switching to primal: I was tired of all of the diets that don't work (I've tried them all). I read the success stories and not only did so many people have great results, but they felt better physically and emotionally

          Favorite exercise: Walking and kettlebells

          Favorite primal foods: Steak, butter, bacon, eggs, dark chocolate (I never liked this before, but it is a treat now)

          Best part about primal: I am losing weight (finally!) and I feel soooo much better! No headaches, mood swings, and my energy level is out the window. All of the gastrointestinal issues are gone. It's wonderful! I can't believe the poison I was feeding to my body all of these years.

          Worst part about being primal: There is nothing bad about feeling so good. I thought I would miss sweet tea (a staple in the southeastern US) but I haven't missed it a bit. My sugar cravings are gone.


          • Hello, FlightRN - have you tried unsweet tea? I'm also from the south, and I used to drink tea with so much sugar it piled up in the bottom of the glass (a southern tradition), but when I went lo-carb a few years ago, sweet tea suddenly became almost nauseatingly sweet.

            Most places serve unsweet tea, though, and it actually didn't take long to make the switch. Sometimes I want something besides water, and it's a lot healthier than diet soda, or artificial sweeteners.


            • Yes, I've tried it many times but just can't do it. I can drink coffee black but not tea. I thought lemon would help, but no. It's okay because I really don't miss it at all. I prefer water with some lemon...a big accomplishment for me! As you probably know, some places have better tea than others.


              • That's the great thing about unsweet tea. I don't have very high expectations. LOL


                • tastes like dirt


                  • Add coconut oil into the unsweet tea. You might find it is freaking great tasting.


                    • Thanks, I will try the coconut oil. I looked for some in Walmart the other night but couldn't find it. I'll search again. We have limited shopping options where we live.


                      • I found organic coconut oil in the nutritional supplement section at Walmart, and "regular" coconut oil next to the cooking oil. It says "Lou-Ana" on the label, and it's cylindrical about 6" tall and 4" wide. The organic is a lot more expensive. I've been using Lou-Ana instead of regular cooking oil with no issues.

                        I tried it in my coffee, but it wasn't as good as heavy whipping cream.


                        • Thank you. I will be out again this weekend and will look again for it. It's really incredible how good this way of eating makes me feel so much better. I'm a believer!


                          • Intro...didn't know I was being primal 'til I started Googling!

                            The Questions:

                            Your location: Pacific Northwest

                            Age (If you want): 43

                            How Primal are you: Mostly primal, mostly by accident

                            Do you consume dairy: Yup, cheese & yogurt. Ice cream on occasion.

                            Do you drink coffee or tea: coffee, black. tea, ditto

                            Motivator for switching to Primal: After realizing I'd gained 8 lbs in just a few months and figuring out that the reason was a change of habit that led to eating tons of carbs, I decided to cut out carbs.

                            Favorite exercise: Rollerblading

                            Favorite Primal food: bacon

                            Best part about being Primal: it's easy and I feel so much better

                            Worst part about being Primal: No downsides yet.

                            I started eating this way on July 1. Went on vacation and just decided not to include bread, pasta, excess sweets, etc. in my diet. It was so easy--avoid the bun when having sausage or hot dogs, no bagel with morning omelet, etc. Within a few weeks, I lost 5 lbs. It's continued like that, slowly. The food is easy--the family is a little tougher since they still want bread, tortillas, bagels. I'm just easing them into it. Kids are doing well, they love steak, eggs, bacon. It's getting the veggies into them that's harder. I'm not hard core and don't fret if I have something not Primal. In fact, tonight I had a donut for dessert (dinner party with friends). I could have said no, but it looked good and was good. It won't send me into a binge, as my tastes have changed.
                            Primal since July 2011


                            • Originally posted by flghtrn View Post
                              It's really incredible how good this way of eating makes me feel so much better. I'm a believer!
                              I got started on this through "Four-Hour Body," and he recommends a cheat day once a week. Around suppertime of my second cheat day, I felt bloated, tired and dull, but not too dull to realize "This is how I used to feel every day at this time." That was a real eye-opener, and I started cheating less enthusiastically, and didn't feel as bad. A couple of times, it was just a single meal of cheating, which works even better. If I over-do it, I've found that a day of fasting gets me back on track by the end of the day.

                              The whole concept of cheat day is that it keeps your metabolism from setting into a routine, and isn't that what I'm trying to do? Configure my body to get energy from fat instead of carbs? And if it's more a psychological issue so I don't feel deprived, I'd rather feel good than have pizza or pasta, or even Doritos. ;-)


                              • Location: England
                                Age 32
                                Mostly Primal, have done on and off for just over a year. Currently doing very well, even got my husband raving about it now which helps!
                                Dairy: Yes especially eggs
                                Coffee and tea: Yes, I drink all types, sometimes black, sometimes with milk.
                                Motivator: Oringinally weight loss - now health.
                                Exercise: I love walking but also do some long distance running. Need to begin 'lifting heavy things' as my upper body strength is non-existant.
                                Favourite food: How to choose?!!!
                                Best part: Feeling good! Having energy, being able to more relaxed about meals, enjoy food more.....
                                Worst part: I just can't think of one at the moment!!