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    Thought it was time to say hello. Been lurking for a few months now.

    I have been wanting to get into better shape for a year or so. I've tried to eat healthier always but let laziness and older age (turn 55 this coming week) pack a few pounds on my middle. A health scare (chest pains) last month, and a visit to my doctor, convinced me to get serious about this.

    (Healthwise, the doctor's visit found my heart ok, no diabetes, but my blood pressure was high and my cholesterol very high (Total @ 259 and LDL-C at 149))

    I've been looking at what I eat, modifying it in line with the primal diet, and started walking several miles on a treadmill 3 times a week. I get a pretty good workout at work right now (12 hrs working in a factory) the other 3 days. Once I get my wind back up on running/walking I want to start working out.

    I just downloaded the e-books (thanks Mark!), and I'm looking those over. I was wondering if there are other resources to show the correct form and such on the exercises? Money's tight but I'm considering one month at a gym if just to learn that.

    Hi everyone, Dave

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    Thanks for the welcome Vitaniya. I'm looking forward to participating in the discussions and helping where I can while I learn.