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  • New girl from the UK

    Hi all, My name is Sam and Im a 42 year old female from Britain. I found this site from trying to find a gluten free diet and the Primal Bluprint seem like the one for me. I cannot tolorate grains or starchy foods. I get physical and emotional problems if i eat them. Have been on and off Atkins style eating for a few years but I need to take a totally new view of it and cleaner foods.

    Loving this website which I don't seem to have left dor the last 24 hours.

    Best get back to my Primal style scotch eggs

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    Welcome to the forum Sam. Coincidentally, my 11 year old and I made some scotch eggs at the weekend. "They should last about a week" I thought. Ahem, all gone in about half an hour...


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      ooh scotch eggs - I haven't had a go at them - that sounds like a lunch plan happening!

      Welcome Sam, I'm very new here too


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        Hi I'm from the UK as well. I think eliminating things from your diet can allow the gut to heal over time. But it is a long time. I went 5 years without drinking wine because I used to react so badly. Now I can have 1 or 2 glasses and be fine.

        You might want to look into supplementation to heal your gut, but if primal is new to you I'd stick with that and then look into the supplementation at a later date.

        Good lick, you are in for a lot of fun and some delicious foods!
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          Hi, and welcome, Spinney, and thanks for the heads-up regarding scotch-eggs. I haven't had one of those in 25+ years. I'll have to find out a recipe.

          Do Americans have scotch-eggs or is it a strictly British delicacy?
          All the best!


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            Lived in the US my entire life (less two years in central asia) and never had heard of a scotch egg until reading about them here. Made them several times since and love them like a child.
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              [QUOTE=spinney;894228 I cannot tolorate grains or starchy foods. [/QUOTE]My daughter is coeliac. Have you thought of joining the Coeliac Society and getting their "bible" of gluten free foods?

              Having said that, when the daughter was younger, my wife just cooked fresh foods to avoid gluten.
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                Hola to the new folks!!


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                  Thanks for the great welcome. All going very well, Luckily We have a beautiful canal woods and jungle gym (wooden exercise equiptment along canal walk) and OH and I have been really getting into primal "exersise" hanging from trees jumping over stuff and lifting heavy thing, I can even sprint now. Eating mainly primal now and has been a very easy transition. Lovign it and driving everyone crazy by showing off massive biceps and harping on about PB.


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                    Cheers Gary. Just signed uo to Primal Britain

                    edited to say, those 'bounty bars' look amazing...


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                      Originally posted by Gary Conway
                      It's awesome to see people taking up the exercise side of the primal lifestyle as well as the diet
                      I've been doing HIT rowing since March. Resting pulse gone from low 60ies to high 40ies. Discovered Body by Science four weeks ago and invited myself to the gym in the school I worked at, as a project for one of the PE teachers. Third session was on Wednesday and I am showing an improvement at every exercise of the Basic Five. At present the only leg one is the press. I think I will add leg curls and extensions in order to even up the score. A friend of mine has just retired and I have persuaded him to go to the gym with me as an "exercise buddy" so he can can count the reps while I concentrate on form, breathing and making inroads properly. Then I can do the same for him.
                      Why use a sledge hammer to crack a nut when a steam roller is even more effective, and, is fun to drive.


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                        hi from yorkshire! seems to be quite a few uk-ers on here...will look at primal britain aswell...
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