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Phewy! Carb craving?

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  • Phewy! Carb craving?

    I've managed ONE whole entire day with no sugar, no grains. Good hey? Well i think so. I am a MAJOR sugar addict! This primal way of eating really speaks to me though and is really starting to make me recognise what junky i am! The main problem i think i am/will be facing is distiguishing hunger from carb cravings. I've eaten TONNES today, meat, veggies, nuts, fruit and a little dairy, but have still been hungry often. I'm assuming this was not 'real' hunger though. It can't be considering how much i've eaten. But if this is carb craving, by golly it's TOUGH! I literally feel like a drug addict! Which i guess i am!
    But, hey, ONE day down and i do feel good and like i can take on day 2 tomorrow! Wish me luck........

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    sugar is the equivalent of crack/cocaine. You need to kick it completely over a 21-day period to really feel the difference. It is a very strong addiction. You will feel so much healthier being 'sugar free'.
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      Originally posted by Louisa655 View Post
      sugar is the equivalent of crack/cocaine.
      Seriously is - not a word of overstatement. Like any destructive addiction, if you can just get through that initial recalibration stage, you'll look back and marvel at what a hold it had over your life.

      Go you for getting through the first day! Seriously, friends seem to attribute some sudden discovery of ungodly willpower to my utter disinterest in sugary, processed food now. There's actually no virtue involved at all: just a body and brain responding well to finally being given the proper nutrition to thrive!
      Went primal for the weight loss, stayed for the quality of life!


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        I've been reading The diet cure by Julia Ross. She recommends opening a capsule of l-glutamine under your tongue if you have carb cravings. It makes them disappear in 3-5 minutes.

        It does take a few days to adjust to going lower carb. But if you don't adjust soon the l-glutamine is definitely worth looking into.
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