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  • G'day from Gold Coast AU

    Hi Everyone

    I'm Al from the Gold Coast in Australia. Thought Id give you all a G'day and let you know about primal experiment.

    I gave primal a first go 3 years back after hearing an interview with Mark on Artofmanliness podcast. I was in one of those exhausted states where I was suggestible and woke up the next morning thinking "that makes sense". I only really followed the "no wheat or sugar" part of the lifestyle. I lost a heap of weight had pretty good health even though I still had a healthy "beer" habit. :P

    I fell of the rails about a year ago, started eating the conventional way. I put on 6kg and had numerous skin issues and absysces along with anxiety issues over the 12 months.

    A month I got back onto paleo. This time I'm taking it a bit more seriously by not only taking on the food side but the exercise as well. Instead of doing it blindly this time around, I purchased the Primal Blueprint and I'm really getting into the genetics of how the human body works.Its amazing how much a little education on the subject really changes your opinion on diet and health. In the interest of science I also monitor my blood sugar and ketones. It helps me know what my body is doing and its nice to have the evidence to back up the facts that get pointed out in Marks book. I keep referring to this new lifestyle as "The Experiment".

    As for my current status, Im 31yo and Im down 4 kg (88kg) since starting a month ago, Ive started training CrossFit which im thoroughly enjoying. I follow most of the paleo diet however I dont have a problem with dairy (not that I eat that much anyway). For fun Im keeping a photo log of the body transformation.

    So anyway it great to meet you all and I look forward to conversing with you all on this fantastic forum.


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    Originally posted by BigAl View Post
    I'm Al from the Gold Coast in Australia.
    G'Day mate! I was in Oz on holiday ten years ago. Loved the country and people. We drove from Cairns down to Melbourne over the course of a month. Swapped vehicles and stayed in Castlemaine to visit Mum's brother (& family) who moved there in the 50ies.

    I decided to treat myself to the 90 Day Journal and it's just arrived this morning. Good timing as I did my first Body by Science workout on Thursday.
    Why use a sledge hammer to crack a nut when a steam roller is even more effective, and, is fun to drive.


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      Hiya I'm from Perth[SIGPIC]