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  • Hi from Brighton, UK


    I'm Elaine, 43 years old and have always been a bit of a tubby one...grew up in Scotland, there was a LOT of starch and sugar in my diet, something that I've taken with me to, well...11 days ago when i discovered PB!!

    I'm amazed that I have given sugar in my coffee up, truly, it's been so easy, after years of emotional over-eating...who'd have thought..i haven't even wanted anything 'nasty' to eat, when before that stuff made up probably 90% of my diet!

    I recently had my gallbladder removed and wanted to get healthy, I still looked 6 months pregnant despite the fact that my daughter is now 5, can't really use the baby-belly excuse anymore

    Anyway, apologies if this doesn't flow too well, am not used to posting on forums, but i like this one a lot, am a bit addicted i have to say..

    I weighed myself this morning and have lost 7lbs in 11 days!!??

    Despite eating loads, have had a few days when I haven't felt hungry until way into the afternoon...just wish I'd discovered this years ago, but i guess we find things when we are ready, if it hadn't been for my GB surgery I doubt i'd even have thought twice about what the crap i was eating was doing to my poor body...

    And...already I've gone up a notch on my jeans belt, yay me!!

    Am in slight panic mode today though as have just realise how skint i am when i checked my bank balance, am hoping my cake savings will cover the expense of extra's sooo expensive...I might have to go hunting and gathering to Lidl or Aldi soon

    I love reading all your success stories and your personal journeys, they are so inspiring

    bye for now
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    Yaay you indeed

    Hi KG - I'm very new here too


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      Originally posted by Piskie View Post
      Yaay you indeed

      Hi KG - I'm very new here too
      Hi back Piskie, nice to have another new girl from the UK on here too


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        I loved your intro


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          Thanks Piskie and Gary, have hardly felt hungry today at all...but this evening have had most of a bottle of a blimmin lovely Shiraz Cabernet and some 85% dark choc...and some macadamia a good balance though as the rest of the week has been just about girl went to her dad's for the weekend this evening so having some nice thangs

          how are you doing, what have you been eating today? have had a weird day food wise, not really fancied any proper meals but been picking on meat/cheese/nuts etc...gfor lunch i had 3 boiled eggs, half an avocado and 8 cherry imagination lol...i think it will take a few weeks for that to kick in x


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            Hi kiltgirl! Sounds like you're getting off to a great start!

            We used to live in Brighton a few years back - I bet it's looking suitably dramatic with all the rain lately! Also lived in Scotland for a while. I'll never forget the first time I went into a Glaswegian supermarket... I actually stopped someone to ask where the rest of the vegetable section was. Never occurred to me that's all they had on offer!

            For what it's worth, I found the expense really evens out once your body adapts fully. Between skipped meals, loss of interest in eating out, and regulated appetite leading to smaller portion sizes, if anything I spend less on food now than I did before going primal.

            Went primal for the weight loss, stayed for the quality of life!


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              Originally posted by kiltgirl View Post
              I might have to go hunting and gathering to Lidl or Aldi soon
              I get Aldi's bratwurst as I prefer the taste to Lidl's. Got a taste for them when I was in the army in Germany. I find the quality and prices in both places to be acceptable but then I'm not what you'd call a paleo/primal purist. I just do what I can, when I can.

              My big thing was giving up nearly all grains. I will now occasionally have rice or rice noodles but definitely no bread, cakes & etc. Probably have to relent with Christmas pudding, cake and sherry trifle though. As a result of a few simple changes I have lost 23lbs in five months and I'm content at losing 1lb per week.

              I also started HIT exercise on my rowing machine, and, Thursday I did my first Body by Science workout. Shoulders and upper arms still a bit stiff so I won't do any rowing until tomorrow.

              I honestly do not understand how people can lose weight so quickly as a pound of fat is some 3,500 calories. I've got my daily intake down to about 1500 and should be using roughly 2,400 to exist. That equates to my just over a pound weight loss each week. 7 lbs is a 24,500 calorie loss and I don't see how one can do it in 11 days and still eat much of anything.

              Anyway, I hope all goes well for you.
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