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Are there any success stories of WOMEN OVER 60 going primal?

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  • Are there any success stories of WOMEN OVER 60 going primal?

    Are there any women in the 60 year old range who are doing this successfully? I am interested in trying this, and will be 60 in August. After losing 100 lbs using the Atkins plan and increased exercise a few years ago, I've gradually gained back about 85 lbs. I would just like to know of, and possibly talk with, any other women who are close to my age and doing this successfully.


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    Hi, Kathleen: Good to read your posting. I'm 11 days in and feeling great. I'm 48 -- which is close enough to 60, I think. Many of my friends are in their 60's. Biologically, I don't think age makes a huge difference. Good on you for losing 100 lbs -- unimaginable to me! I'm here to lose 10 and start a good weight-lifting programme.

    I came to this programme but have been eating 'clean' for most of my life -- so this is not a big leap for me. So far, no hardships, no headaches. I have been off sugar since December 2011 -- so, again, no withdrawal symptoms.

    Some things that I miss are: cheese. I drink red wine.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    F, 48, 5'10"
    Start Date: 25-06-12 @ 161lbs
    Goal Reached: 30-09-12 @ 143lb. Now bouncing between 145lb - 149lb. I'd like less bounce and more consistency :-)

    Started Cross Fit 20.12.12 ---- Can't wait to submit my success story on the 1st anniversary of starting primal.


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      I'm 57. I was diagnosed with diabetes and went low carb and got serious about exercise about 8 years ago. I lost about 50 lbs without restricting how much I ate and kept most of it off for about 5 years. But when I hit full menopause the weight crept back on, and being more careful about my low carb didn't help. A year ago, I started taking Metformin (before that I kept my A1c 6.0 or lower by diet and exercise alone). It took me months to work up to a dose that made any difference, and I lost some weight from a nasty near-pneumonia illness. But when I found primal a month later I felt I had finally found what would work for me the way low-carb had before. I did also start taking iodine and selenium because while my doctor said my thyroid was fine, my TSH had been creeping up and I felt so cold. I've lost about 25 lbs over six months--I'm very much a believer that slow is good. I'm not very strict--I eat a lot of dairy, though much of it from raw milk, and this time of year a lot of fruit. I gave up alcohol many years ago.

      I miss baking but I have developed some primal desserts that are real treats. My husband has Parkinson's disease and wants to eat whatever tastes good. Eating primally is something I can do for myself.
      age 56, type 2 diabetes, swimmer
      low carb since 2006 thanks to Jenny, primal since Jan. 2012


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        There is a thread called 'gals over 50' that you might like to check out.
        Original Goal: To lose weight. Achieved in March 2010
        Long Term Goals: To continue using Primal guidlines to improve fitness and health. To share the Primal message.

        The key to successful aging is to pay as little attention to it as possible - Judith Regan


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          Hi, I'm 69 and I've been eating Primal for 2 months now. I didn't start it to lose weight, but to get myself healthy. I've lost 8 pounds in that 2 months.

          As to my health issue, I've always had IBS but while I was on chemo, the IBS turned to ulcerated colitis. My GI treated me during chemo and afterward and couldn't get it to stop. I finally decided I would stop taking the meds he had me on and see if I couldn't find another way to heal. On line I read about some people who had gotten help by eating the Primal Diet so I decided to try it. Just 3 days later I stopped having all symptoms of colitis and IBS.

          Just to be sure, I stayed on the diet for several weeks and then tried the different things I've cut out. To put it simply, I've learned that dairy, wheat, corn, beans, oatmeal and rice all = PAIN. Yikes! My husband made me promise to stop the experimenting and just eat Primal.

          It works for me!


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            Hi Kathleen,
            I am 69 and my husband is 70 and we are thriving on PB. Both lost around 15lbs.


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              I'll be 61 in August and have 30-40 pounds to lose. I really appreciate talking to other women near my age. It seems so many people are younger or guys. Right now, I can't write more because I am quite sick with a cold, but did wish to register my interest.
              Have a great day everyone!


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                My mom is 59 and even she has started trying it. I'll update her changes if any, here.


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                  Oh my first post, I feel officially primal now. Actually been primal for about 2 weeks, reading the book and making changes as I learn. Lost about 2 lbs with 50 to go. I'm 55 and was wondering if or how being post menopausal factored into to all of this - if at all. All I know is that I feel great, my energy level is rising and I just finished a 5 mile walk (something I never thought I would do let alone enjoy.) my attitude has already switched from just wanting to lose weight to being healthy. It's only been two weeks and I can't imagine going back.


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                    Now that I've been eating primal for 6 months, I thought a quick update would be in order. Just had all my blood work done and everything was in normal range! Actually my total cholesterol is lower than I've ever seen it. :-)


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                      Originally posted by Warrior Lynn View Post
                      Now that I've been eating primal for 6 months, I thought a quick update would be in order. Just had all my blood work done and everything was in normal range! Actually my total cholesterol is lower than I've ever seen it. :-)
                      Congratulations Warrior Lynn, that is a real milestone for you and example for others to emulate.
                      Annie Ups the Ante


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                        I'm 55 and had the good luck to be raised by a Mom who cooked about 70% primal before it ever was "invented".

                        I've continued to eat that way through my life, although now I'm more like 90% primal, and I've never had any health problems (other than thyroid). My weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, are all excellent. The only medications I take are thyroid hormones. I fed my kids (all three now grown) the same way I was fed, and none have ever had weight problems or any other health issues.