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  • I'm back..

    Good Morning,

    Today I have mixed emotions about beginning this journey once again. First off I cant believe I stopped following this way of eating, and cant imagine the results I would have had, if I had only stayed the course with MDA/Primal. I was feeling great eating MDA a few months back, but wasnt seeing the weight loss I was thinking I should have been seeing.

    So wouldnt you know it, I went back to other methods of "better eating", and ended up actually gaining weight, and feeling like a beached whale.

    The wife and I signed up for a cruise that takes place in early November, and thought that would be a great goal for getting back in shape. I dont expect to be centerfold for playgirl by then, but would like to be comfortable around the pool, and the destination beaches.

    Here is some information about myself. I am 42 years old. 5'9", 268 pounds. I have no medical problems, take no medications, but I'm sure my blood pressure is a bit higher than it should be. Im in relatively decent shape for the big belly I am pushing around on a daily basis. A month or so ago, I decided to run a 5K, and did quite well, for the very little bit of running I had been doing leading up to the race.

    I am looking to hearing from other 40 something guys, who have been succesful with MDA, as I am looking to take lessons learned from each of you. My goal is to lose 40 pounds by November 11th, which is the date of our cruise.



    44 Male 5'9"
    Start 276
    Presently 248
    1st Goal 200
    Ultimate goal 180.

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    Welcome back. Get that BP checked, untreated hypertension is very dangerous. It can kill you. Complications of hypertension - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Good luck and have fun.



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      Hey Bratch,

      46(well almost. Next month). I've been Primal for over 2 years, and feel/look great. Started at around 215lbs and 14-16% bf. Am now about 175 and 7-9%. At one point i was even as low as 165 and 6%. The best advice I can offer is to start slowly and really cut out all the crap foods. This was the biggie for me, as I am and have always been very active.

      Shoot me a note if you want any tips or suggestions.

      Free your mind, and your Grok will follow...

      Free your mind, and your Grok will follow!