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Just restarted the Primal Lifestyle

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  • Just restarted the Primal Lifestyle

    I originally started the paelo diet about a year ago for about a month and got great results, but due to a new relationship matched with a poor run with my jobs left me with little to no money I kinda let myself go, but now I'm back to normalish and restarting the lifestyle.

    So far I've been reducing to about 70-80% primal (I find it easier than cold turkey technique tbh)

    so my diary so far is:

    Day 1 :

    Cheese toastie

    Subway- turkey ham and turkey breast, cheese, lettuce and mayo

    6 chocolate biscuits and tea with 2 sugars

    Protein shake
    1 apple and 1 banana

    3 hotdogs with buns and cheese omelette

    2l water, 600ml coke, 500ml dr pepper

    Day 2
    4 slices buttered toast

    Protein shake
    1 apple, 1 banana

    Lunch- KFC chicken sub with lettuce, cheese and sauce, 2 hot wings, fries, 450ml pepsi max

    2 apples and 1 banana

    Protein shake

    Spaghetti bolonaise

    Day 3(Today)


    Toast 2 slices with butter


    Apple and Banana Protein shake smoothie

    Tuna Sandwich

    So far I'm reducing the crap on a day to day basis and will start a crossfit style routine asap. Noticing a difference in energy already and feel restless when I'm just sat down and wanna be doing something constantly.

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    I also restarted with eating primally today. Just like yourself, I had good results and felt event better, but for some unknown reason I stopped. To be honest, one of the reasons I stopped was because I wasnt seeing the weight loss I had expected.

    Good Luck


    44 Male 5'9"
    Start 276
    Presently 248
    1st Goal 200
    Ultimate goal 180.