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  • Greetings

    Greetings all PBers! Thanks to an old college friend of mine (who now lives in Florida), I have been introduced to this fantastic book and lifestyle. Four years ago, I was 240 pounds, mostly fat; I was lazy, ate anything I wanted, and generally felt awful. In 2006 I decided to change that, so I went on a "conventional" diet following the best "conventional wisdom," and I worked out regularly. It actually worked for me; I dropped to 170 pounds.

    Then I got lazy again (big oops!). I didn't balloon in weight, but I did raise a little. I started working out again and watching what I ate (again, based on conventional wisdom) and eventually dropped down to 150. I felt great, but I am as skinny as lamppost and my friends and family seem to enjoy picking on me about that (most of family carry around a substantial gut!).

    When I talked to my college friend, he told me to get off all the carbs and sugars I ate in the morning for starters. He suggested going back to basics (basic workouts including push-ups, pull-ups, full body squats, etc.). He also told me to check out The Primal Blueprint.

    I've been living process carb free (only fruits, vegetables, and a little dairy for carbs) for nearly a week! I feel amazing!

    Right now I'm trying to convince my wife to take the same approach (she has struggled with her weight since I've known her (i.e. the last 7 years)).

    I have a couple of questions, however:

    1. Organic foods are a bit expensive, as Mark points out in The Primal Blueprint, and thus far I haven't been FULLY organic in everything I eat. Do any of you eat some occasional conventionally grown meat and produce? Or should I switch fully to organic only?

    2. I live in the midwest where corn-fed beef is the standard. Does anyone know where to find grass-fed in, say, the greater Kansas City area?

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    I have been on PB for a few weeks, and I enjoy it as well. I try to buy organic whenever possible, but I am not going to make myself crazy about it. An egg has the same overall nutrients as far as protein, fat and carbs, whether it is organic or not. However, I am sure there are some positives to cage free eggs that go beyond the normal macronutrients. I am sure the same applies to organic and grass fed beef.

    I think the goal is to get to as close to being primal by selecting foods that are in the most natural state. Do you best, but don't drive yourself crazy if you eat a few regular eggs or meats. Take it in steps.

    That's just my opinion.


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      1 is a great source for local grass fed meats. Check them out.

      And I agree with your best. I have a family of 3 to feed and I just can't do wholly organic. I am slowly switching us to grass fed meats and free range eggs just because I can see and taste those differences.

      Otherwise...I just buy stuff in it's simplest state.

      Enjoy and welcome!

      Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!


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        Hey mccallit,

        I struggle with this... plus I eat out a lot and while on the face of it, I choose primal friendly meals, I am guessing it is neither organic nor corn-fed.

        All you can do is do your best - I think Mark has a post on this, but in my opinion there are somethings that are MORE worth going organic over than others. Given my tiny pay cheque, the changes I made were:

        -My chicken is not organic, but it is no longer that 'enhanced with chicken broth' Walmart rubbish

        -Cream / half-n-half is all organic as it is not too much of a price hike

        -Weekends I treat myself to grass fed organic beef; during the week I cannot afford it

        One of the most important things I think next would be to switch my eggs to organic, but I eat so many, I am not sure how possible that would be...

        My advice is to think about what small changes you could make, prioritising those with the most overall benefits to your diet.

        Welcome, and congrats with making the change!



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          Grass Fed Beef

          Hey, I know this is an older post, but I thought I would chime in. If you want good grass-fed beef in the K.C. area, check out Fresh Connect KC: They deliver fresh, organic, and local food to your door (no, I don't work for them). Good Luck!