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Hi. New to forum, and have been eating clean for 6+ months...and gaining :(

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  • Hi. New to forum, and have been eating clean for 6+ months...and gaining :(

    ...not losing weight. Background: I am a 48 yr. old female. I've been dieting for the last 5+ years, ran a few marathons and a few halfs. For several years, in my early 40's I was in optimum shape (visually, not sure internally). I started putting on the lbs., and turned to the magical drug, HCG, last year, which I think screwed things up a bit (add prior endurance training, etc.) I found Mark's cookbook, and a few others, and began, since February to eat really clean, lift heavy (and tracking progress), I keep my metcons under 12 mins/2-3x week with very high intensity...and I'm gaining. None of my clothes fit properly. I was instructed to stay off the scale and not make my goals aesthetic, but health and strength, and the rest will follow. Okay, so I don't know how much I weigh, but I know I'm BIGGER, a couple pants sizes bigger. I know some is muscle, but some is fat. It's been suggested I have a "deranged metabolism," and that this may take a year or more to kick in and lose fat. I would love to hear from anyone who's journey isn't, "I went Primal and lost 10 lbs in the first month!" Any words of wisdom, from someone where it just FINALLY kicked in,where it wasn't linear. So not to be a Debbie Downer, I will say that I feel better than I have in years-foggy head lifted, beautiful skin, and nails, no PMS, off anti-depressant (that I tried getting off of for several years w/o success until this), great sleep...the list goes on. I'm just, um, heavier than I have been in years, and it is not only unappealing to me, it makes doing some of the things I want to do (desperately), like pull-ups and chin-ups MUCH more difficult. HELP!!!
    Thanks for listening. Happy Fourth y'all!

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      Originally posted by kippersnack View Post

      Hello kippersnack!

      I'm able to answer your questions, sorry, but wanted to say I love your screen name and welcome to the boards!


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        Hey there. I know you've already heard it, but if you just focus on getting more healthy, the rest should follow. Of course your body may be reacting to something on the blueprint nice list, so maybe try to phase out certain types of allowed foods for short periods of time to see if anything changes. As far as the exercise goes, for a woman I can assume you might not want to get too bulky, so maybe temporarily drop weight and increase reps, or maybe shift your focus to balance and core strengthening for a while. On a side note, there was a link on another thread to a topic about "whooshes"... Interesting concept. The short of it is that a person's body may fill recently vacated fat cells with water as a sort of place-holder. So you may not appear to lose much fat, or may seem to even gain, but if you maintain your diet and exercise and keep hydrated, your body will eventually drop the water and shrink the fat cells.... Whoosh! And you seem to drop pounds overnight. I'm no expert, but I wanted to offer some personal insight. Stay strong!


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          Hi, sorry I'm also unable to give a detailed reply other than provide some support. I am new to primal but I have had the same experience, within the first two weeks I put weight on!!! Needless to say I was not happy... And dived onto the forum for advice. I haven't lost any weight but I have lost inches. I don't lift heavy but do more repetitions as suggested above and also I have reduced my portion size as I found that I was eating more than normal as I felt it was healthier food so I could eat more. Keep at it, like you I feel much better physically and mentally. I still have my bouts of PMT but I hope this will also ease off.


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            Thank you so much for chiming in!
            I'll go find that thread where "whooses" are mentioned. That would be so awesome, if that is going on. And I think I will lower the weights, and up the reps, as I think my form is suffering as a result, as well. Thank you again!