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Starting to kick the sugar addiction

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  • Starting to kick the sugar addiction

    Hi everyone,
    I'm just starting out and am nowhere near fully primal yet. I think one of the biggest impediments is this ridiculous sweet tooth that I have. I don't drink any sugary drinks, so at least that much is good, but candy, cookies, ice cream, you name it, I have a serious addiction to it. I was never a smoker, so I never thought I'd understand what trying to kick a real addiction is like, but I'm pretty sure it's something like this. I almost feel like quitting sugar might be harder than quitting cigarettes, cause it's EVERYWHERE, and it's so widely accepted as being okay.

    Anyone have any advice?


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    Kick the grains, soy, corn and industrial seed oils and everything made from them. THEN you'll learn what real food tastes like and you'll experience the natural sweetness of REAL foods.

    Notice I didn't list sugar. You'll cut excess sugar automatically when you cut out processed foods. It's not the sugar in those foods that you're addicted's the refined carbohydrates and fake ingredients that are sugar delivery devices and scientifically designed to be addictive. I bet your sugar addiction doesn't include tons of hard candy and straight sugar out of the sugar bowl.
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      Sugar-eating, if it's reached the stange of full-on craving, is probably a way of trying to manipulate your mood in the absence of having enough of the right neurotransmitters -- chemical messengers in the brain.

      The one in question here is probably serotonin. Eating carbs causes you to release more insulin which pushes most nutrients out of the blood -- but not serotonin. Since it then doesn't have to compete, serotonin can get through the blood-brain barrier more easily.

      But this is a bad tactic. If you're low in serotonin, it's better to supply the amino-acid from which it's made -- tryptophan (or one could use 5HTP).

      For more see here:
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        I feel your pain. I thought I was doing great on my PB way of eating, but then I realized I was substituting sugar for grains! Sugar is gluten free, right???? So I finally realized, enough was enough. Someone on this board mentioned the 21-Day Sugar Detox, and I researched it...and started it on June 16. I also read "Overcoming Sugar Addiction: How I Kicked My Sugar Habit and Created a Joyful Sugar Free Life," by Karly Randolph Pitman. There are lots of books on the subject, just check in Amazon.

        It's just like being an alcoholic and giving it up. One day at a time. but it does get easier. I still psychologically crave it, even though I dont have physical cravings anymore. I miss it like it was my best friend, but sugar is definately more of a frenemy

        You can do this Bianca! I found that since I had already given up grains, sugar was not as hard as I thought it would be. And I was a total sugar whore! Good luck, I'm here for you!



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          Hello. My husband is a dentist and we see the results daily of kids and adults who consume sugar. As far as I'm concerned, sugar is the crack-cocaine of the 21st Century. It provides a "high" and then drops you into an "abyss". My personal experience is that to break any habit or addiction takes 21 days. Make a pact or promise with yourself to not eat anything that contains sugar (nothing processed)...... You'll notice after 21 days that you will not crave these foods. I now find BBQ carrots and zucchini very sweet. I now find some fruit too sweet. I'm more sensitive to 'sweet' once you are 'off' sugar. Good luck
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            I m pretty much addict of sugar.I drinks 2,3cups of tea daily with 3 or 4spoon sugar:-( i tried several times to reduce my sugar but i failed.On the other hand i m physical fit because i do my daily exercise work out including gym.Is this product really works on me?
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              Green smoothies with just greens and water and NO fruit or berries. You'll most likely get an excruciating headache the first day but if you keep this up for a week your cravings will be gone. The first time I tried this I was able to kick my addiction in two days of smoothies and had absolutely no desire for sweets. Insane cause I love my sweets! I've noticed though that adding fruit and berries , anything sweet, only feeds the beast and is best left out till I'm totally weaned off the sugar. Maybe it would work for you?


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                It took me 3 days of no sugar to start to feel less "bitchy" but it was 3 weeks before I felt normal doing low carb and then I did the leptin reset which works really nice for controlling your appetite/sugar issues.