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  • Hello everyone!

    Hi from Florida!

    I've been lurking for quite some time and have decided to finally take the plunge into primal living. A little bit about me:

    I was vegetarian for 8 months, after which I got bloodwork done and was diagnosed with "dangerously high" cholesterol at age 17. As a varsity athlete and a (to my knowledge at the time) health-conscious eater, I was shocked. My LDL was something like 200, HDL 39, Triglycerides in the 160's. Looking back, I have no doubts that my diet was to blame (especially for the triglycerides!)...I was eating close to NO saturated fat, tons of PUFAs, and astronomical amounts of grains. My doctor put me on a Livalo (a statin). Yes, at age 17, instead of trying to correct my diet or recommend lifestyle changes, I was put on a statin. I was mortified and terrified. Within months, my cholesterol dropped into the 160 range but I felt no better. I was still suffering from extreme fatigue and joint pain. Further, I felt like I was being punished unfairly; why should I, the girl who ate oatmeal for breakfast, huge salads for lunch and plenty of beans, grains, and minimal dairy have such high cholesterol? I gained 20 pounds in a year; I have no doubt, knowing what I do now, that I became very insulin-resistant.

    Flash forward one year. I stopped taking the statin: 1) I was waking up with debilitating hip pain every morning, 2) short term memory loss was persistent, 3) I was getting muscle aches during the day, 4) I am not a big proponent of taking a pill to solve problems that can be corrected through diet. Celiac disease runs in my family, and I either have the disease (doctor refused to test me) or am completely intolerant to gluten. I have been gluten free, rash free, stomach pain free and joint pain free for the 3 or so months I haven't eaten it. I don't doubt that the onslaught of inflammation brought on by eating gluten has something to do with my elevated LDL levels. I haven't had bloodwork done since going gf, but I am willing to bet my ratios have improved. I never expect to be in the 160's again, but that doesn't bother me: I wasn't any healthier with lower cholesterol.

    I've always been interested in health (I am an aspiring doctor) and stumbled upon the primal way of living after watching "The Oiling of America", which is a fabulous documentary I highly recommend if you haven't seen it already. I'm very open minded about nutrition and am excited to try this way of eating! I'm looking to lose a bit of weight, raise my HDL, lower my triglycerides, and attain optimal health and wellness through going primal. Further, I want to lead by example and help others find health and happiness too! I'm currently a college freshman looking to major in biochemistry. Hello all!

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    Welcome aboard! Best of luck to you in your pursuit of better health!
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      Hello everyone i m kazeya from usa.Hopefully every thing going well here.I m quite conscious about my health in every way,thats y i always try to find new,efficient ways to make me better and better.I use to of daily gym,exercise,walking etc.which makes me active,happy whole day and maintain by body in proper way.
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        Hi All

        Just wanted to Stop in to say hi and also to introduce myself here! The Boards look extremely interesting and I can’t wait to become a member of the community!

        Besides, I would like to suggest the moderators and the administrators of this site that there should be a place for every new member for their introduction. Majority of the people prefer to give their introduction before they could start up.

        So if my suggestion is logical and if it does make any sense then an introduction thread should be started here.



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          Welcome Kittykat. I hope you will become a great primal doctor. We need them.
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