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  • newbie with celaic disease

    I am new to this forum and found my way here as I have celiac disease, my diet has been gluten free for nearly a year now and have unfortunately continued with ongoing symptoms that have puzzled many doctors of constant abdominal pain, back and rib cage pain and nausea, despite my celiac biopsies and labs returning to normal. It was recommended to me that I consider looking further into dietary changes including a Paleo approach, and would be happy to here from anyone on this site who has celiac issues as well
    thanks in advance

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    I've also been gluten free for about a year. Unfortunately, I was only tested for celiac about 2 months ago, but the results came back inconclusive. I may only have a gluten allergy, but I'm treating it like I have celiac just to be safe. My doc also suggested that I try the Paleo approach to help me deal with another health problem. Have you started going primal yet, or are you just checking out the site and forums at this point?


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      Some people have other sensitivities along with celiac. They're often caused in part because of the long-term damage to the system caused by the gluten. I know I was lactose intolerant for quite a while along with the celiac thing, but after a while on a gluten-free diet, I've been able to handle a bit more dairy (I've been GF for almost 6 years). You might find something similar.

      Dairy is a common one, and another common sensitivity is nightshades. Also, some common things in many celiac diets can cause trouble for people, as even non-gluten grains and seeds can be irritants. Going primal should help you, and then if your problems continue, you may want to try some experiments with eliminating some of the other common problem foods to see what happens.
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        In talking with celiacs on other forums, I've found a lot of them use substitutes for gluten containing foods. The ingredients in many (most) of those are pretty awful.

        My advice would be to go grain free, at least for a month or so, and see if that helps ease your symptoms. It also makes it easier to avoid foods you shouldn't be eating because it's just so obvious. You don't really have to wonder of that particular grain is okay or not.


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          Originally posted by tjthorty View Post
          ... constant abdominal pain, back and rib cage pain and nausea ...
          I wonder. You might find this interview interesting:

          Carol Sinclair « Jimmy Moore's Livin' La Vida Low Carb Blog

          It's a lady who developed a starch-free diet to get relief from her IBS symptoms. She then found to her surprise that a specialist was recommending her diet for arthritic-type symptoms that occur, along with IBS, in a particular condition. The particular condition referred to there can be identified with a genetic test. But whether or not that's involved, I'd not be surprised if starches were problematic for you. They seem to be for people with a number of digestive issues -- which is why they're eliminated from the SCD and GAPS diets, two diets, independent of Carol Sinclair's, devised for people with digestive distress.

          You might well find it worth doing a very straight Primal Diet -- meat, fish, eggs with non-starchy vegetables, a little fruit and nuts and some good fats.
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