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Will you help me rebuild on Twitter?

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  • Will you help me rebuild on Twitter?

    Up until a couple weeks ago, I was having a great time Tweeting about making better health and fitness decisions. Then, for no apparent reason, my account (@coachsteer) vanished from the Twitterverse! The TweetPowers that be have been wholly unhelpful. So after a couple weeks of holding out hope, I’ve decided to stake a new claim and start over.

    I now hail from @adamsteer, but my mission remains the same––deliver the wellness information that the mainstream ignores, disregards or actively buries. I’d be grateful if you’d lend me a “Follow” to help me rebuild.

    And if you are feeling particularly generous, you could “ReTweet” the following to your own Twitter gang. I’m sure it would increase your social network karma… ;-)



    RT My friend @adamsteer must rebuild after his former account (coachsteer) vanished. Great health and fitness info - give him a Follow.