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  • G'day from Australia

    Hi all

    New to Primal, in fact started this morning. I purchased 21 Days last night on my Kindle and read pretty much all of it. I know Mark says to start on a Monday, and today is Tuesday, but I was very keen. So my question is, I only have about 5kg (or 11 pounds) to lose so has anyone else lost a smaller amount of weight easily on PBP? I have tried so many other plans, restricting calories, increasing exercise and I just can't shift that last 5kg. I had a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs with olives and bacon and I'm so full now. Also, with the whole insulin thing, does anybody consume coffee? I know coffee can cause insulin resistance, would love to give it up but find it too hard, headaches etc...maybe it will be easier once I have converted to completely primal? Look forward to hearing from someone. Thanks.

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    Good for you Arage,

    If you've been consuming a fair amount of carbs on your previous diet, then you may find the next couple of days are pretty tough. By that I mean you may experience "carb flu" which is a general feeling of vagueness or dizziness in the head.

    Probably not to dissimilar to your experiences of coffee withdrawals.

    So I guess my advice is ether:

    1. Lower carbs and coffee gradually (eg ease into it)
    2. Go cold turkey on both and have a tough few days
    3. Eliminate cars or coffee and work on the other at a later date (like me).

    I started PB around three months back but haven't stopped coffee. I have reduced my caffeine intake to one cup most mornings and am happy with that. I have mine with heavy pouring cream - yum! So far I've lost about 11kgs and probably need another 5 to go but its slowing down and I haven't added much exercise of any description (especially over winter).

    As for coffee and insulin, I'll let one of the other PB scientists answer that as I'm not qualified.
    I'll be back


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      Whereabouts in Oz are you from? I'm from Perth. I love my coffee way to much to give it up. I try and just have my morning cuppa but some days I have more. I figure life is for living and if that's my one crutch then so be it. I personally haven't noticed any changes if I do or don't have it.

      I haven't lost any weight, I actually gained a few kgs since this way of eating so trying to shift that.[SIGPIC]


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        Hi Im new from Australia too and I am trying to lose 5kg also (i am female) my main reason for being primal isnt for weight loss though but because I have an auto immune disease (hashimotos).


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          hi there also a aussie from melbourne, also need to and want to lose 5 kilos so so hard to stay on track, chocolate lover...........


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            no problem franbee - just start loving 99% chocolate and eat guilt free!
            Arage, I'm in your same situation and have been primal for about 6 weeks... I haven't weight myself recently because I know any weight gained will be muscle (my clothes fit better) but seeing the numbers will bring me down if they're higher! However... I weighed myself 2 weeks in and had lost 3kg!!! Probably just water weight or something but I had a massive smile on my face all night! (I had weighed myself in the evening as well, incredible, huh?)


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              Hi franbee, I also am a chocolate lover and have found a company in Victoria called loving earth that make a yummy chocolate sweetened with organic evaporated coconut nectar. Not sure how primal that is, just hoping that it is better than agave syrup.

              All the best on your journey Arage. I am new to the primal lifestyle too but know that from all that I have read on here my life will only get brighter, healthier, happier and stronger.


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                Hi All, new here aswell as new to Melbourne! Have just read the book and want to get started.


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                  Hi Arage,

                  It's great to see your enthusiastic and I wish you the best of luck with losing those last few kgs!


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                    Hi everyone,

                    I am also from Melbourne. I have being doing Paleo/Primal for the last 3 weeks. I am currently doing no dairy, no sugar and no processed foods and doing great. Probably not having enough veggies as I tend to eat fruit in between meals. Just need to up my veggies, water and sleep time. I am halfway through reading The Primal Blueprint at the moment and getting some golden nuggets from it.


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                      G'day Arage and all of you other Aussies. Happy to have you on board. Primal has worked great for me, and I think it will for you too.

                      I have always had great respect for Australians, passed on to me by my father. He was with the US Air Corps on New Guinea in WWII, and it was an Australian army unit between him and the Japanese on the other end of the island. He always told me how great the Aussies were. He said they were wonderful people and wonderful friends to him and his unit. I thank your countrymen for keeping my father and his mates safe.
                      Live your life and love your life. It's the only one you get.