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pushing final weight loss, adding more strength training

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  • pushing final weight loss, adding more strength training

    Before kids I was a runner/biker and though I ate low-fat, I could burn off all those carbs on a 50 mile hilly bike ride. After the kids, cookies were a way to address the loss of control feelings that come with kids. Once I was closer to 300 than 250 I had to do something, so I went back to the gym 3x/week for cardio. I also figured that I had to eat meat to build muscle again and I had to eat veggies because I like them/they are good for you/bulk so I'm not hungry. But every time I looked at bread I figured, eh, better to have more meat. So I feel into this pale thing completely by accident. When people asked how I lost weight I would joke that I turned into one of those low carb people! Then I did some reading and found the whole primal community. I never liked much processed food (even my cookies and pastries were the real stuff with butter and fresh) but I could eat healthy food and a lot of cookies.

    I lost the weight 2 years ago and have been stable at 180/5'11". I lose weight when I lift weights and I know I need to do more of that. I just love running. No more than 6-7 miles and my usual run is 5. So I need to get back to adding upper body strength because those muscles keep my metabolism chugging along.

    I alternate between thinking I should continue to maintain and focus on adding weight training and wanting to lose another 15 lbs and get as lean as I was before kids (minus the very long bike rides, long runs and poor diet!).