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    Have been checking out marks website and finally bought his book which arrived in the mail yesterday. Everything seems to make sense to me, I had a late night reading! Oops failure on one of the steps about getting enough sleep. :-)

    I'm 47 and probably carrying about 4-5kilos (about 9-12 lbs) of extra weight, all around my middle. I have no waist to speak of anymore but am mostly tiny everywhere else. I feel lethargic and bloated most of the time. I do not want to continue feeling like this.

    I am going to start with a vengeance come 1 April ( on the PB. At the moment I am in the middle of home renovations and have no kitchen for at least another week or 2. I also figure that if I have the low carb flu thing, it will be best when I am at home over a long easter weekend and not having to come to work.

    I think I will find it hard as I dont eat fruit, and am not really big on salads. Perhaps I just need to get more creative. I love meat though and my vegetables cooked. My partner and I tried a few days "carb free" about a month ago and it was hard, although we probably didnt eat enough fat then. We are more mentally prepared for it now and have decided we need to have a meal plan. I dont want to be going down a heavy duty path of calorie counting or figuring out ratio's. I just want to feel healthier and happier about myself... and have a waist again :-)

    I would be grateful for any advice that anyone has to give.

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    Yes, I'd love to have a waist again.


    I think that putting off your Primal launch till a holiday weekend after your kitchen renovations are completed is a good idea. In the meantime, you can kind of nibble at the edges of the system. That way you'll be partway there before you tackle the carb turnaround, the crankiness, etc.


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      Thanks PDL. Yes,I'm kind of easing in to 1 april already. Yesterday I ate really well, bacon and eggs for breakfast, no bread, chicken and vegetable soup (although it did have potatoes) for lunch ... no bread even though it was calling my name! :-) Dinner was thai, garlic chicken basil chicken, no rice and it was great. I felt wonderful going to bed without feeling bloated. Had a good workout this morning, have just started team training at a local park in the morning with a group of people. Oh my god, the first day I did it I couldnt walk for days, and then got a headcold, so had 2 weeks off and back into it this week and have done well. A few aches and pains but nothing compared to the DOMS of the first week. I cannot describe the pain, but just imagine how a zombie walks, ie, stiff legged, and that was pretty much me but add in some groaning.

      Unfortunately not so prepared today, so had toast for breakfast (although it is whole grain vogels which is really nice and not overly processed crap) but have promised to find a healthy lunch today, I know a place where I can get a great chicken and cashew salad with grilled banana. Delish. I know I need protein for the recovery of my muscles.

      My new kitchen gets installed next week and then will be finalising the painting ready for new carpet the following week, so I will be ready for easter and my D-day as the house will have been cleaned top to bottom. (think plaster dust everywhere, I hate it) It will feel like I am in a completely new house! Yay. I can start planning my meals then and hit a few farmers markets.

      The one thing I really need to do is drop the wine but at the moment we can get really good cheap sauvignons in NZ. Actually we can get really good cheap everything, it appears there is a wine glut.:-)