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    Hi all,
    I've been a lurker on MDA now for about a year - I moved to primal eating, and then primal fitness over the year, but until very recently I've been abusing the old 80/20 rule a bit much.

    It's about time that I really took action though - I know what I need to do do be healthy and feel healthy - so WHY do I keep ignoring it!!?

    So - I have decided to do away with the 80/20 rule, and go Grok properly at last!
    I'm writing this now because I am making that commitment (to myself, to my wife, and to my kids).

    I've decided to think of primal eating like I am a vegetarian - and not just one who is thinks they are being cool by being vegetarian. Vegetarians like that NEVER "slip-up" and have meat, not even something with a little bit of meat in it - so why should we, as Primal eaters?

    Luckily I am really enabled in this by where I live - I'm in Christchurch, New Zealand. Getting pastured beef, organic veges fresh fish and free range eggs is pretty easy, plus there are lots of beaches, hiking, climbing etc all around us here to keep Grok-fit. It is a pretty cool place to live - pretty clean and green by world standards.
    Yes, in case you picked it - Christchurch is also the city which has had 4 earthquakes over magnitude 6, and over 11,000 aftershocks over the past 2 years - what could be more primal than that!

    I have a question for you all:

    I feel completely passionate about Primal - it is something which has been totally proven to me over the past year, and through reading all your experiences in the comments. Actually, through reading some of your comments I can tell you are this passionate about it too. Luckily my wife and I are both completely primal, and my kids eat pretty primally when they are with me (and then have a week of sugar and starch at their mum's).

    So anyway - I feel like I need to tell people about Primal - especially my friends and family. Aren't we honour bound to help other people work it out, and to get Primally fit and healthy? (since we know it works ourselves)

    Some of you must have experiences in this?
    How do you convince people, what do you do to interest people in the topic - how do you communicate it to them? How do you influence people to become primal? Maybe this is a great question for Mark? (Our guru ).

    What convinced you to try the primal lifestyle, what convinced you to stay?

    Primal living is really changing my life - thanks Mark, and thanks to all of you out there for sharing all of your experiences living primally.

    I'd love to hear all of your experiences with "spreading the word" in this thread.

    Hamish Duff

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    First of all Congratulations on going 100% primal ! You & your family will reap benefits for the rest of your lives.

    I've been there & I can tell you up front that everyone will think you are a NUT CASE if you tell them how unhealthy bread & "Healthy Whole Grains" are. If you must speak up, make certain you have a Doctor's name mentioned in each speech. I suggest you drop this name, Dr. Davis & website for proof of your assertions:
    Wheat Belly Blog | Lose the Wheat Lose the Weight
    Track Your Plaque Blog
    Dr. Davis is who converted me to the Paleo Diet.

    It is YOUR WORD against the 24/7 news media propaganda, the FDA, the AMA & most doctors. YOU WILL LOSE every time - people just don't want to believe that everything they ever learned about food is DEAD WRONG. You mean to say that "Heart Healthy Cheerios" is not healthy? Who the hell are WE to say that the FDA Food Pyramid is all wrong? People are Brain Washed by Big Food, the AMA & Big Pharma, and it is mission impossible to reverse a lifetime of brain washing. Been there and tried that.

    But while you are in the mood to get the word out, please help me to get this word out:
    Iodine Deficiency - An Under-Recognized Epidemic

    Iodine is essential for optimal health and there is an epidemic of iodine deficiency resulting in rocketing deficiency diseases of Fibrocystic Breast Disease, PCOS, Endo Cysts, Prostate, thyroid & related cancers. All of this is documented with multiple doctor reports here at "Iodine References:"

    The reason why we are all so deficient in iodine is that Halogen Chemicals we are exposed to 24/7 are displacing what little iodine we have, and our vital organs which require iodine do not function properly on the toxins Bromide in bread, Fluorides in water, may other products & chlorine in water: How Halides displace iodine in our vital organs:

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      I find it's really much better to live whatever lifestyle you choose, and then intelligently talk about it IF people ask you about it. Otherwise you will come across as pushy and end up being someone that people want to avoid.

      But when people start seeing positive things happen to you, they'll get curious and ask you about it, and that's your chance to expound on the virtues of eating this way if you want. Just don't push others to eat the same way, as it likely won't get you anywhere (except frustrated). Remember that you're doing this as a positive thing for you, we're not trying to save the world here or anything.

      I've been a vegetarian/vegan for the last 12 years, and toward the beginning of that, I used to try to tell my friends and family and anyone who would listen all about it. Trust me, nothing good will come of it. People will just feel exhausted being around you if they know they're in for another lecture. So then I kept my mouth shut and lived the way I wanted, and it wasn't long until people got really curious... I took that opportunity to let them try my food and explain in a very non-confrontive way why I was eating that way, telling them that I knew it wasn't for everyone but seemed to be working for me. And I had much better responses, and soon my friends were saying things like "I'm really trying to eat more veggies", etc.

      So that's my take on your question. :-)

      Also, wanted to say, good for you for going 100%. That's really great!