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  • 12 week update

    I am approaching 12 weeks into my lifestyle choice of eliminating sugar, dairy, grains, rice, and bread. I find that I canít follow this 100% but would say I am about 90%. I do have cheese now and again and have sugar in the raw in my coffee as well as half and half. Notice that I worded this as a lifestyle choice and not a diet. By the way this is the longest I have stuck with anything. My weight has dropped from around 195 to 181 lbs over the course of these 12 weeks and it has been very gradual. By eliminating processed foods and carbs I really feel great. I eat nothing out of a box, can, or those frozen microwaved meals. I no longer am ever that hungry and donít feel tired through the day. My energy levels are way up and the big sign that this works for me is when I get beat up in the gym the old me would want to go home and crash where now I am driving home and feel like I go again. I can say with the weight loss my strength level is down a bit but I can do more push-ups, pull-ups, run faster, and donít get fatigued as fast. I never have been this focused on what I eat ever before and realized all the hard work and hours I put in at the training center I go to is pointless unless it is followed up with eating right.