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Any Buffalo, NY Paleo eaters??

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  • Any Buffalo, NY Paleo eaters??


    My name is Jake (20 years of age) and I just want to get in touch with any local primal/paleo people out there. I wanna know what you guys do for things like meat, fruits and veggies (the best markets etc.), and how/where some of you guys train. I've been Paleo for about 7-8 months and just recently started Starting Strength. My family does most of it's shopping at Wegmans but we wanna find cheaper (and fresher) alternatives as well. And yes...I got my entire household to convert!

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    Not from Ny but was just up in the Finger Lakes region and was suprised with all the locally sourced, fresh options.

    If it's not too far from the Canadaigua Farmers Market on Saturdays is a great source for local, fresh stuff. Several grass fed, well treated meat sources, great cheese makers, and great produce.
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      Hi Jake - I'm not from Buffalo, but I am from across the river in Southern Ontario. We get most of our groceries from Wegman's as well. We get most of our meat (grass-fed beef/pastured pork - waiting for chickens! - and our eggs) from a farm about a half hour north of here. I'm sure if you do some digging you can find some good farms around you. I don't know if/what restrictions there are about crossing the border with farm meat?? I don't know if it makes any difference since it's not an issue with groceries from the grocery store. I just found out you have access to raw milk in NY too. Good luck, I'll keep an eye on this thread since we do most of our groceries over there!


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        Thanks for your replies guys! Hopefully a Buffalo native pops on this forum soon as it seems like I'm the only one!


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          Hey Jake! I'm from Buffalo. I shop at Wegmans too but some great places to get fresh fruit and veggies would be farmers markets but they just started in the beginning of June so I can't give you an opinion of one that is the best because I haven't had a chance to explore this year. I was at the lancaster market last weekend and a stand called the "fruit fairy" had really great deals on fruits and veggies...Sooooo much cheaper than Wegmans!
          Resources: 2012 Buffalo Niagara Farmers’ Market Guide - Buffalo Spree - May 2012 - Buffalo, NY
          As far as grass fed meat I haven't had any luck finding any farms locally, I'm too poor right now to afford it at Wegmans. I train in Krav Maga which is Isreali combat fighting..There is a crossfit studio in Cheektowaga but I've never been there. I have been trying to be primal for a few months now but I keep getting distracted and not sticking to it.


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            Finally!! Yea we've been meaning to get out to the markets as well. Also, we recently started going to Dash's for some of our meet (not grass-fed unfortunately) but so much better than Weg's. Tender, delicious, sooo good! I used to train in Muay Thai but had some interest in Krav Maga as well. As for going Primal, just do it! You will feel so much better and look so much better. It really changed my life


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              I have been for like a week now, I know I feel soo much better and it will deff. help me lose weight but I giving in to temptation. When I do give in the food never tastes as good as I think, I feel soo sick after, my Krav workouts suffer because I am soo tired, and then I feel I failed myself because I couldnt resist it. But this past week I have been doing well, lost 3 pounds and have so much energy in my workouts...Good start except I've been lurking the Primal community for months now!
              Krav is great...I train at The Training Edge in Clarence,It's right by the Eastern Hills mall.


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                Hi Jake

                I'm a few hours east of you in the Corning/Elmira area.

                I don't know about Buffalo, but Rochester has a fabulous market.


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                  Hi Jake,

                  We live up north of Niagara Falls, NY, and we've been eating this way for the past 9 months or so. I am buying grass fed beef this month from a place down near Aracade, NY. We find Wegmans is the go to place for good veggies and grass fed beef. We use a local butcher for our chicken & pork.

                  Oh, and I am good friends with the guys at this gym:

                  Although I work out in my basement most of the time.
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