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    Hi, All!

    I'm an old Latvian-American, but new to this site. It looks as though there is a lot of reading to do. Great fun, but, alas, a paucity of free time. I'm only now learning how to find my way around, so I suspect I'll need some time to understand what's what.

    It seems as though this site is related to living a healthier, happier, more rewarding life. I'm all for it!


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    Hi Anda! My grandparents were Lithuanian immigrants, I just had to say. Welcome to the site -- you're totally right about it!



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      Welcome, and take your time, there IS a lot to absorb. I used the search function a lot when I was a newbie, which helped me to find answers to my specific questions. That way I didn't feel QUITE so overwhelmed...

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      70 is the new 50--without the hot flashes!

      Goals: Feel good, be stronger, and hopefully kick that arthritis in the backside! Oh, yeah, and losing more weight would be okay, too.


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        Welcome Anda. Be skeptical of stuff you read here in the forums. Go by Mark's stuff at the beginning.
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