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  • Hi from Texas!

    Hello! I have just now discovered the Paleo Diet and so much of it makes sense. I was diagnosed with Lymphocytic Colitis about 2 weeks ago and the GI doctor gave me the typical Colitis diet (low fat/low fiber), along with a prescription for Cholestyramine. For now, the goal is to get the symptoms under control, so I'm following his directions, hoping it works. However, it's all very depressing for me! I love vegetables of all types and being told that I can't have any raw vegetables and have to be very careful with cooked vegetables is not good. So in my research, I've found that many people with this disease follow the Paleo Diet. Researching that is what led me here.

    Anyone out there with Lymphocytic Colitis? If so, what has your experience been?


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    Well, it has been close to 24 hours since my original post and no one has responded. I'm going to assume that no one else is in my shoes. Thanks, anyway.


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      Nope. No experience with it. Googling colitis and paleo, I found lots of hits. Not sure how Lymphocytic Colitis differs from others. Good luck!
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        Was recently diagnosed with microscopic collagenous colitis which is very similar. Am also on cholestyramine which is the only thing that has helped so far. I still eat veggies, just making sure they are cooked other than some salad greens. Since the diagnosis I've gotten stricter on Primal eating-when feeling lousy it was all too easy to eat bread or pasta due to their digestibility. Good luck!
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          I dont have lymphocytic colitis, but I am from Houston...So I thought I'd say "Hi neighbor!" and Welcome!
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            I've got microscopic colitis and it's much better on primal blueprint. I'm from Harris county too!
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