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Hello from Tucson, AZ. New member to group

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  • Hello from Tucson, AZ. New member to group

    Hello All, my first post to group and just finished reading The Primal Blueprint this evening. I've been Primal for 7 weeks, feel great, am Keto adapted but have not lost any weight yet. My clothes are feeling looser though! Looking forward to staying in touch and sharing my personal success with all of you. Any tips or advice are welcome, especially from those who have a harder time losing weight like me.

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    I just wanted to say hi because I see that you are brand new to the forum, just like me. I just found this website today and while I've known for at least a year about the primal diet and the possible benefits I haven't done much to learn what it's all about.

    I hope to see you in here so more.



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      Hi Carly, thanks for your reply. I first got hooked 7 weeks ago, ran across a blog, The Eating Academy | Peter Attia, M.D. | Peter Attia, M.D., explains why everything you think you know about nutrition is wrong. there was a link to this site/book. I've tried everything, so this certainly can't hurt. I feel amazing, like I my brain has come out of a fog. I haven lost any weight, so I know I am extremely sensitive. I am only eating 20 grams carbs a day. I've lost inches, I can tell. I'm getting some detailed blood tests this week which will help me determine where I stand in all this. Also starting to walk at night (it's monsoon season here) just like the book tells you. Let me know how u r doing! Sabrina