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  • hi

    Hi all,
    New to the forum here and wanted to introduce myself.

    Long story short about me, I've got a few decades of experience with lifting under my belt, but eventually got fat anyways. In recent years I realized how competitive sports can be too abusive to the body and simply aren't healthy in the long term. So you have to have your priorities in order. If you love the sport more than your health, then compete all you want and take it to the extreme. I used to love strength sports, but I love my health even more.

    So that's where I'm at. I've been working on a healthier diet over the last 3 years or so and lost 40 lbs in the process. I'm still pretty strong, but not quite where I was when I was in my prime. And my workouts are less abusive, just enough to get me the results I need and nothing more. And lastly, I'm looking to add some more physical activity into my regimen just for the mental aspect.

    Anyways. That's me. "Hi all!"

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    Welcome Ripped.
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