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    You're doing great! Congratulations!


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      Thanks Beauty. I'm super excited today

      I can't tell you how fabulous it feels to finally be on a sustainable plan!


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        I got two flats of eggs today!

        I missed my eggs this morning. Cheese is just not the same!


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          I am under 130 lbs! And so freakin' happy, I could cry.

          I love the food, it's working ... I'm just so happy!


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            I grew up in the country. My Mom would get some meat out of the freezer in the morning. She'd choose either something she had put in the freezer herself or a vegetable out of the garden. And we had potatos.

            When I was counting calories, I chose a meat and made salad. And that is how I started primal too. Meat, veg and fat.

            I had some kind of revelation in the grocery store this morning. I was looking at extra lean ground beef. Instead of the meat being the centerpiece, I should be thinking of all of my meal being a vehicle for fats. Protein not being the priority.

            Man! It's hard to happily up fat content after all these years.


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              Did I mention that I drove over my sunglasses one day this winter? I must have dropped them in the driveway and by the time we found them ...

              I finally got new ones yesterday but not before driving in the sunlight gave me a boomer of a headache.

              While I have noticed that I'm becoming more and more sensitive to caffeine, I hadn't thought about migraine meds. I slept for over 4 hours!

              What a waste of a day off!

              And ... did ya know ... you can't eat as much as usual if you lay in bed all day Scale is up this morning. Makes me wonder if I wasn't dehydrated yesterday. Perhaps that was why I had that low weight ... and the headache ... hmmm


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                Whatever the problem was, it's better today. I'm back under 130.

                I did sprints on the elliptical for over 20 minutes last evening. Hill climbing with a 30 second boost at the top. Sure takes less of a chunk out of my day than 40 or 45 minutes.


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                  Wow, it sounds like you are doing awesome. I love hearing about people who are just getting starting and are seeing great results!


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                    Good morning!

                    Today I am musing about exercise. I think I read that part of the book with my lazy eye It has never been a problem for me to do 20 or so minutes on the elliptical and a few 20 or 25 minute weight sessions a week. I also walk uptown for the mail almost every day.

                    So why then, when I read Primal Blueprint, did I cut back to a more casual fashion? I know Mark talks about over-training, injuries, wear out and burn out ... but I was certainly not there!

                    I think I was trying to see how little I could get away with.

                    I'm working evenings this week. That's 3-11. I tend to be pretty casual in the mornings. I sleep until I'm done sleeping, catch up on some laundry etc. run errands.

                    Now, would be a good week to implement a new exercise approach.


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                      Upper body today. Grrr ... felt great!

                      Food was wonderful as always.

                      A friend told me she couldn't live without carbs. What the heck?! Can't live without???

                      Her eyes just about fell out of her head when I told her I hadn't had any grains since the tenth of March! Then I thought to myself March 10th! That's almost three weeks on plan!!!

                      I have never stuck so well to a plan. Could be because it's not such a persnickety plan. Even when I lost 30 lbs in 2 1/2 months, I cheated.

                      I don't want to cheat. I like this!


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                        I decided to stop eating grains sometime late in February. Since the 1st of March I've had two feeds of popcorn, corn bread, shortbread cookies ... that's all?

                        And no grains since the 10th.

                        I'll try to make that into a decent post tomorrow. I just needed to get my dates set in my mind.

                        I wonder when I got my book. Mar 7th,


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                          I still haven't tidied up that last post.
                          I've decided to do a month challenge and April it is! I have a few friends joining me, which will be fun.
                          I can use those bits of info to round up how I did in March and they're where I can find them later to judge my success ... over all.


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                            March results

                            I have lost just over 6 lbs.
                            Bust down 1 inch
                            Waist down 1 1/4 inches
                            Hips down 1 inch.

                            I've just discovered coconut milk. Yum!
                            I'm thinkin' I could use this instead of the cream cheese I've been enjoying. I am struggling a bit with getting rid of dairy.