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  • Hello from Los Angeles!

    I began my primal journey officially on May 1 of this year. I have always been a "chronic" dieter and maintained my previously healthy weight by jumping from one diet to another. I was never what I consider "thin", but was at a comfortable weight. I'm 5' 7" and weighed 150 when I got married. As long as I was on a diet, I maintained my weight. After I got married (5 years ago in July), I decided that I was done dieting. Boy, I paid for that decision!
    Over the next three years, adding a Graduate program plus a full-time job, lack of exercise, and a ton of stress, I put on 30 pounds. It happened very gradually, about 10 pounds a year. Just enough for me to get more and more uncomfortable with myself. I tried going back to my old diet tricks, but they had stopped working. I got more and more discouraged.
    Finally, I became pregnant with our first child and while I did not give myself a license to pig out my entire pregnancy, I was eating quite a few grains and sugars now that I look back on it. I started swelling up when I was only 3 months pregnant and the doctors just said that this was my "thing" for pregnancy. I had absolutely no sickness or anything, I just swelled. Looking back, had my diet been primal, I highly doubt I would have struggled that much. Fast forward 9 months, add 60 pounds of "baby weight", high blood pressure, preeclampsia scares, and I had a beautiful baby boy. In less that three weeks, I was down 40 of those pounds. Talk about water weight! To lose the rest of my baby weight, I turned to HCG, which is a highly controversial diet based on a hormone. It worked for me, although it was extremely difficult, and I lost the remaining 20 pounds plus a little more. However, I still had 20+ pounds on me that I did not want to be hauling around! I decided to try HCG again, but I just couldn't seem to stick with it. The maintenance phase of HCG is very similar to primal and on one of the boards, I ran across the MDA link. After doing more research, I decided to give the primal lifestyle a try. My body has always felt better when I don't eat grains and I know that sugar is a highly addictive food for me. Since I have been primal, I have felt amazing. I have had no hunger, I've embraced a life of eating fat for fuel, and my stomach has been so calm. I lost 4 pounds in the month of May, but I've stopped weighing myself now. I've decided that how I feel and how my clothes fit are much better indicators of my health. I would like to lose another 15 pounds at least, but I'm being patient this time and will let me healthy eating get me there in it's own time. I do need to incorporate more exercise in my life and plan on beginning that this month. My hope is that if we have baby number 2, I will be much healthier during the pregnancy and will maintain a primal lifestyle throughout.
    Anyway, sorry to be long-winded! I guess I had quite a bit to tell!