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    Hi all. I'm a 31 year old obese woman who finally found paleo. I had this thought a while ago that I was discussing with my friend that there has to be some way for me to find out how to eat how they used to in Africa or something because what I was doing was wrong. 2 months later, I hear about a paleo thing. I started 3 weeks ago and already lost 12 pounds. I am now looking for people to help me figure out what I'm doing and I'm just lookin for good people to talk to and keep myself focused and happy.

    Looking forward to posting more!

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    Congratulations on the progress so far. I followed some paleo principles for about a month earlier this year and had great results but didn't stick to it. I am now going into about three weeks of a slow transition back into Primal. Before I lost 20 pounds in about a month and do not really know why I didn't stick with it. I have now convinced my Fiance to eat this way as well and we are loving it so far.

    I have now actually studied and read alot and did alot of poking around this website and I have already lost another 12 pounds in the past few weeks.

    It is great to have you around and I wish you the best on your new life.


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      Thanks I wish the best for you as well. I can't seem to get my boyfriend to understand the reasoning behind why wheat is bad, so it'll just be me on this journey. Oh well. Thanks for the reply.


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        Give him some time, show him some of the "definitive guides" on grains etc.
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          Originally posted by Isisinabi View Post
          I am now looking for people to help me figure out what I'm doing
          Read Primal Blueprint if you haven't already.