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    Hello all! Let's see, where to begin? I've had weight problems most of my life, and most recently in the last few years. I was misdiagnosed as a type 2 diabetic two and a half years ago, and spent a year VERY sick as the doctors tried to push me into that "diet/exercise/here's a few pills" pigeon hole. Unfortunately, I was a type *1* diabetic -- in other words, my pancreas was failing while they were telling me to just eat better! I lost 40 pounds in two months as my body cannibalized itself for survival and, while I was sick as a dog, I was very happy with my weight. Then, I went on insulin -- gained it all back.

    I have to totally agree with Mark on the whole "it's all about insulin" thing. As a type 1, I know way more about this than the average person -- I know exactly how much insulin my body uses on a daily basis, thanks to my nifty insulin pump. I know how much insulin I'll need for any given meal, and how much I need to "drip" even if I eat no carbs.

    I'm also VERY insulin resistant -- I need to inject way more insulin than the average type 1, and it's all the fault of my weight -- and the carbs I was eating.

    To start with, I'm a 29-year-old woman, 5'7" and 219 pounds. WAY too heavy. I carry the weight really well and am still not in plus-sizes, but c'mon! I knew about the low-carb thing from my diabetes forums friends and found that going LC kept my blood sugars in GREAT control, but I kept falling off the wagon after a few days. I wound up absolutely addicted to carbs -- like, heroin-addicted. If I swore off sugar, I was shaking by nightfall, unable to think about absolutely anything else except running to 7-11 for Reeses or ice cream.

    So I researched.

    Found MDA totally by accident, and didn't just jump in -- I read up on it for a few weeks, evaluating. I'd already read Good Calories, Bad Calories and a few other works on the cholesterol conspiracy, so none of this was shocking -- but it was innovative. My husband and I conferred, and he OFFERED to go on the diet with me! (Usually we just agree that, whatever diet I'm on, dinner has to be diet-friendly, but that's it.)

    I was really good for a solid week. I lost 5.8 pounds, felt better, and some shirts that were juuuust a little bit too tight had started to fit again. I had NO cravings -- none, whatsoever. I ate a little bit of sweet each night -- organic full-fat yogurt, a dash of vanilla, and a few dark-chocolate chips. Yum!

    My sugars were excellent -- until my insulin resistance dropped and I suddenly needed WAY LESS insulin! Which is a great effect, except it caused me some very dangerous lows for a few days. But my insulin use dropped 40-60%.

    Then I rediscovered caffeine.

    I'm also a caffeine addict. I made a concious effort to quit about three weeks before I started the diet. When I got my caffeine again after that one week, all of my cravings came back full-force and I felt absolutely helpless in the face of them. It took me four days to realize what was going on, another two for the caffeine to leave my system. By that point, all physical progress had been reversed to nothing. And to top it off, my husband's unemployment check hadn't gone through so we had NO money for groceries and had to live on what was in the house -- which was absolutely NOT Primal!

    I hit my real low yesterday when there was a birthday at work and someone brought in bagels. I used to eat bagels every day. The one I had yesterday hurt my stomach until I went to bed last night. No more bagels!

    I'm taking a deep breath and letting go of guilt. This whole thing was a learning experience. Sugar is bad for me. Caffeine is bad for me. Bread is bad for me. I'm going to plan tomorrow. I'm going to put together a week's menus, and shop accordingly. And hopefully I'll drop some of that re-gained weight.

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    Hi NorthStar! It sounds like you are really on the right path! Remember that this is a long term (life-long?) journey. There will be some ups and downs as you discover the right balance of things, but you know you are definitely going in the right direction. Be patient and loving with yourself as you learn! All the best!


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      The first 2 weeks are the toughest. If you start to crave carbs just remember to eat something fatty (like bacon) it will help


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        I've been making baby steps back to where I was. It's not as easy this time. I'm doing really well during the days, but the nights are tougher. The enthusiasm seems to be gone -- but that may just be a lower-level depression from the stuff going on in my life.

        I'm having a lot of luck with IF. I'm NEVER hungry during the day, so eating Primal is easy because I don't care what I eat. When I don't want to eat, I don't. I think all I had to eat today until 4pm was 3 pieces of string cheese.


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          My biggest surprise is about crunchy carb snacks. I was always hunting for crackers or chips ... especially in the evening. Or going to bed without and feeling virtuous about my restraint. But not any more.

          I'm not absolutely sure why but I'm not even much of an evening snacker at all any more. Insulin/glucose response I suppose.