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katsetaja - up and downs, started at 9th of June 2012

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  • katsetaja - up and downs, started at 9th of June 2012

    Hi to everyone!

    First I will apologise that my English is not my Native language and I do make mistakes

    Well I started my primal at June 9th as "cold turkey" with cuting off all carbs and sugars on day 1. And my goal is to loose 15 kg (33 lb). My starting point was 74,4 kg (164 lb).

    And reading this I figured out that I have been eating primal in mornings for weeks before I ever heard about it.

    My usual breakfast and it will take place about 7 a.m.

    Scrambled eggs with:
    3 eggs
    1 tomato
    olive oli to frie

    sometimes I also use with my eggs and tomato wih
    2-3 mushrooms
    1 bell pepper

    Sometimes I will take one pear or banana for something sweet touch, but it is not a habit and not in every morning.

    Then 0,5 l cup green tea with little sip of honey.

    Lunchtime is about 1 p.m. or later I feel full and dont need to eat before that. Have got no snacks or anything else.

    First day I made minced meat, kale, carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, eggs, cream and milk and some chees casserole with little pepper and salt. It was delicious


    I skiped the dinner as I was still full.
    Day 2

    It started same way with scrambled eggs. In lunch had same casserole wiht fresh salat. Skipped the dinner. Also no snacks between the meals - didnīt need it.

    Day 3

    Breakfast was same with scrambled eggs I just love them.

    Lunch was same casserole, finally last pice of it.

    Dinner: I made rabbit meat with kale, carrots, tomatos + water in owen pot. Rabbit meat were fried in pan with oliv oil and butter then placed to owen pot and top of that I thowed kale, carrots and tomatos. Seasoned with salt and Mediteranian herbmix.

    Side I made large bowl of salat with gabbabe, tomato, radish, bell pepper, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Touch of olive oil and salt. Voila.


    That day I took 1 banana before lunch and 1 banana + 1 pear after dinner.

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    Forgot to tell that in day 2 I had headaches from beeing off the sugar and carbs. I thought that I have largest sweet tooth in wolrd. I just could not be without any sweet stuff. I baked a lot and so on. But when I went to store in day 3 I did not grave for any sweet things at all - that was strange feeling. I could walk between the cakes and did not want to eat them... That was so cool.

    Day 4

    Started my breakfast at 7.30 a.m.

    2 Scrambled eggs with 1 tomato and 3 champignons.
    0,5 l cup (17 fluid ounces) green tea with 0,5 tsp of honey.
    1 pear

    Now is lunch time here and I do not feel like eating at all.

    But now is the bad thing. I thought and hoped that I have lost some weigth during that time, but when I went to the scale I got bad news, instead of losing some weight I had gained 1,4 kg (3,1 lb). And in my point of view this is not what I was hoping for. I have been inviting my friends to be primals as well. But if this will be continued I will gain more instead of loosing weight.

    Any suggestions? What I am doing wrong? I am outside exersising with my dayli jobs (lifting things, walking many miles and so on, but I do not run - hate running).

    Main thing what I am concern is that I had pulled my teenage daughter into being primal as well and she needs to loose some weight as well not to gain. But I am afraid that she has gained too - if I am... But funny thing is that I seem slimmer I think (tummy is not bloted - that I know).

    I hope that I will get any suggestions and help from you in here. As I really do not want to gain weight.


    That one was fruiti. 100 g raisins+nut mix, 2 peaches.


    As I was not very hungry and I took a bown (about 250 g riccota cheese (gottage cheese- something like it) it was whipped with 38% cream and then added on top frozen berrie mix. All was without sugar, but a little sugar was in riccota. And OH boy how did I felt it about an 15-20 minutes later. I got gas, my belly bloted up and stomach started to hurt. So it was not so good at all.
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      Day 5


      1 peach
      0,5 l green tea with about 0,5 tsp honey.
      Scrambled 2 eggs with 3 champignons. Pinch of salt and pepper.


      2 peaches

      Was too busy to eat lunch (was on road with car) instead of it I took a peach and banana and one stripe at least 70% chocolate.


      I knew that I want a fish today, so I did (have no idea how that is in English - but it is wild fish) Mintai fillet in oven with salt and pepper and a little bit of butter that it wonīt burn into plate. Side I made egg sauce (eggs+ milk+ salt) and vegetable puree (turnip, carrots, cauliflower, melted cheese (I canīt explain what it is), pinch of salt and herb mix.

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