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Grr. Day 2 and I've already screwed up. Motivation anyone?

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  • Grr. Day 2 and I've already screwed up. Motivation anyone?

    I'm starting PB and while I usually try and jump in 100% all the way right from the get-go, I've decided this time to ease into it a bit, particularly around giving up fruit since it's a staple in my diet and a weakness. I'm frustrated already as I thought I did ok yesterday and today, but then re-read my book and see that the cashews, almond butter with flax seed, and my Trader Joe's turkey meatballs are all wrong! (the meatballs have breadcrumbs and corn in them. Blech) So I feel like I wasted the last two days. Just venting I guess. I was hoping this would be a smooth transition and already I've gotten it wrong. I need a motivational boost apparently. If anyone is also new to PB and would like a PB partner, please let me know. Thanks!

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    You did not waste two days. You're learning. No one learns how to do anything in an instant. No one gets good at anything by not doing it. Practice. Learn. Absorb. And stop expecting instantaneous perfection. That's not realistic, and frankly, not desirable sometimes. I think the occasional mistake does two things; shows you why it's a mistake by giving you side effects (bloat, headaches etc.) and reaffirms your resolve to do better.

    Now, I'm only 10 days into this, so take my writing with a grain of salt, but I am not beating myself up when I don't follow the PB to the letter. I'm not going to die. No one is going to take me to jail. I haven't eaten grains in 10 days, but there are other things I haven't done and I'm not worried about it. Change is never instantaneous. I'm not a magician. I'm human.
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      There is no wrong with PB, there is the way that works for you. I've been primal since end of Jan, I still eat things that some would not consider purely primal/paleo, but I'm limited by budget and living in the real world. Some people count gramms of protien and carbs and fats, I can't be arsed, I eat as well as I can, work out on my shedual about 80% of the time (2 Lift heavy, 1 sprint and walking every week not exactly overtraining ) I've never looked better (I've been lighter, but I'm stonger now) or felt better and I've lost over 40lbs of fat. So don't even begin to despair, just keep groking on (got to love the cheesy grok puns)
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        You didn't waste your time at all! You ate healthier, and you learned something. Don't let perfect get in the way of good. Sometimes all one can do is go a meal at a time, and if things arent the way you want, well there's always the next.

        For the record, I love cashews, and they were a big part of my early primal diet. Now, I eat them less often, but only because I don't think about it. If I wanted them, I'd eat them! With summer approaching they will be on my salads again
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