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19 days in and feeling like crap! (some TMI)

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  • 19 days in and feeling like crap! (some TMI)

    I have been 100% primal for 19 days. I am 5'5" and weigh 131 pounds. I've lost close to 7 pounds since starting. The weight loss has been great and I'm not having any problems with sticking to the allowed foods. My 2 main concerns at the moment are : I have NO energy and my stomach is out of whack.

    I am wondering if there's something I'm missing. I have been keeping a food journal each day and a typical day's meals look like this:

    B- Primal Shake
    L- 3 scrambled eggs, sausage
    D- steak and broccoli
    maybe a glass of wine in late evening

    In the last couple of days especially, I am super tired and my stomach has been bloated. For dinner last night, I ate a large serving of broccoli and a steak (foods that have never bothered me in the past) and within 45 min. I had horrible stomach cramps and had to hang out in the bathroom for a while. Today, even eating nothing but eggs for lunch, I had the churning in my stomach and ended up in the bathroom.

    Does anyone have any advice? I have not been consuming any dairy and very little fruit / nuts. I'm thinking about trying to add a couple pieces of fruit to see if that helps with my energy level.

    I am very committed to this new lifestyle, but feeling this bad is really getting me discouraged.


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    Depending on how much of it you eat, try cutting out the broccoli. I've found that since eating this way, I personally can't tolerate it anymore. Same thing with raw spinach, but to a lesser extent. Sucks, because they're foods I love...

    As for the energy, it took about a month for me to adjust.


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      Welcome. Sorry about the problems. I would suggest experimenting.

      What is in the shake?
      Have you tried skipping a meal?
      You may need a bit more carbs.
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        A few things come to mind:

        -Lots of people have or develop egg intolerance. It can cause bowel issues, nausea, fatigue, and depression.

        -Are you sure you are eating enough? That is quite a bit of weight loss in 21 days for someone your size. You may want to increase your fat intake a bit and maybe add in some primal starches - squash, sweet potato, etc.

        -It can be hard to get enough magnesium, so you may want to try a magnesium supplement or oil

        -Many people find that bone stocks with sea salt help a lot during the transition. They have lots of nutrition and minerals plus they are yummy. I like to have chicken stock at least 3-4 times a week.

        -Also. the primal shake may be a problem.

        Good luck!
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          Oi, man, I'm new here so perhaps someone with more experience should drop in with his advice, but... I think perhaps you are overdoing proteins and neglecting your veggies. (and doubly so if you you are not getting variety).

          Try having some greens and tomatoes as a snack, fry some peppers with your eggs in the morning, eat some lettuce with lime and salt just because it tastes awesome.

          Remember that the PB puts enfasis on eating veggies and good proteins, not exclusively proteins. ^_^

          (congrats on your weight loss btw).


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            You eat one serving of vegetables a day??? I hope you take a multivit.


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              Too much protein/ not enough carbs can cause some GI distress. Also, are there any artificial sweeteners in your "shake?"


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                Thanks so much everyone for your replies. To answer your questions.....

                The primal shake is the Primal Fuel powder that I ordered from MDA. I have been trying to eat soft foods (hence the shakes) because I recently got braces. I'm not able to chew raw veggies and many meats are hard to chew.

                I've added more veggies and more carbs. My energy level has greatly improved. But, my bloating and stomach problems are still hanging around. I think I have been focusing too much on the protein. So, hopefully the my stomach will settle down once I can figure out what foods trigger it.