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  • 60 days into Primal

    I am now 60 days into Primal and here is my story. I was very athletic prior but had a tough time making a dent in my 194 lbs being that I am 43 years old and 5'11 in height. I measured my BF when I started and was at 19.1%. I am due to get tested again soon. In the first two weeks I lost 6 lbs and was up and down a few over the last 7 weeks am at 184 lbs now. The weight loss has very slow but it is steadily going down. I have not stuck to any real diet plan or eating plan for more than a month as I have always stopped as I am unrealistically looking for dramatic which obviously is not going to happen. After reading over many of the posts here this is a long term plan not something you try for a month.

    Outside of the 10 lbs I am down I really feel great. I am never super hungry ever and it does not take much food to satisfy me but two night ago I did put down a 14 ounce steak and 3 grilled red peppers on the grill which was awesome but that is rare for me to eat that much. I have decided to take inventory every month and see where I am and not to worry day-to-day what I weight as it is up a few down a few and in the long run I know I will lose what I want. Ideally I would like to be about 170 lbs but I do work out hard and carry a good amount of muscle so more than a weight goal would like to have a defined midsection which I have never had in my life so that is really my goal at whatever weight that is.

    Love eating my meat and have a new love of veggies especially things I can grill.

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    Welcome! I hope primal continues to go well for you.
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      Slow and steady. Many people lose a ton of weight over 60 days but I did not start this being that overweight.


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        I am 4 weeks into paleo and we have about the same goals. I am sticking to a pretty much 100% paleo diet and doing the bodyweight exercises and workouts as outlined in Primal Blueprint Fitness.

        I am also 5'11" and started at 187.8 lbs. My initial goal was 170lbs, but I agree with you that a defined torso is really my goal. As my strength grows, I suppose I can expect increased muscle mass i.e. weight. So my goal is also based on my fitness goals and not just an arbitrary number.
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          Your weight has dropped off much quicker than mine. Good luck and post again in a month as am curious where you will be then.


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            As a female runner, I came into PB more than 70 lbs overweight. I'm 95 days in and have lost 16 lbs. It's slow, bit it's happening. I started the Whole30 challenge on the 1st (very strict paleo/primal) and have lost 5 lbs since then, but previously my loss was at or about 1 lb per week.
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