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  • A Jedi makeover in progress

    ps: sorry bad english ,french canadian and its interweb :3

    Hi, my name is luke, i'm 30, 5'11'' 187lbs, live in quebec canada, I used to have the worst nutrition and habbits, eating junk food or at restaurant/delivery all the time, smoking cig and weed, no exercise, playing video games all the time, yes all the time, drinking tons of soda, mostly energy drinks and pepsi. no fruits/veges. and recently i decided it was time for a change, a friend of mine, told me i couldnt stop smoking because I lacked the will to do it. And since most my friend call my skywalk because my name is luke, i said do you challenge the will of a jedi, hahaha and i was damn serious, it was friday 4 may 2012. and i stop smoking that day, forever and I dont intend to start again, 2 months before i stop eating junk food and drinking soda+ernergy drinks. So i decided, why not, since i am already on a roll for change, why no stop smoking, so I did, I smoked alot cigarios like prime time cigars etc, then i got tired because they banned cigarillos with filters in canada i moved to normal cigs, but i always hate cigs so i decided to stop all together. that being said, i heard all sort of stories about people who stop smoking and my co-worker at job gain like 40 lbs since he stop smoking and I didnt want to end like him hahaha, so I started running every day since that the 4th, I lost 20 pounds already, I was around ~207lbs.

    So right now, i run every day, 1-2 miles, 1 miles in 8 mins, depends if its raining or not haha and i go to the gym and lift weights with my neighbor, i am not trying to gain lot muscle mass, just get back in shape, im starting to be able to finish my training and i will start increasing the weight soon. I do not want to look like mr. universe, because I know i could, I have the natural shape to achieve this and the genetic. instead i do lots of repetition with medium size weights and i am already starting to see progression.

    my problem is my diet. I dont have lots of money right now I dont mind cooking but i dont like to cook 4 hours to eat something, i need to eat good stuff that is made quick max 30mins 1hr... I just need tips on what to eat.

    I dont drink cofee.
    I dont drink beers except for the rare time we party
    I dont like sugar (cake, cookies, etc)
    no soda
    no junk food (or almost none)

    I started buying bio veges and fruits
    my mom make me tons of spaghetti sauce

    I want to loose more belly weight and gain some muscle but not too much. I know you cant only loose belly weight but that is fine. My weight is starting to lower and becoming steady, but I need to loose more. all I need is like a schedule on what to eat from monday-sunday.

    I work 8am-4pm monday-friday so i need lunchs

    I dont really eat when I wake up but I no i should

    any suggestions?

    I can cook anything all i need is recipes

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    Here are some suggestions, just based on what I like to eat.

    Breakfast. Eggs! I always have eggs. Pastured is best, but not always easy to find or affordable. I kind of compromise with a decent farm that has omega 3 enhanced eggs. To the eggs I always add some dried seaweed, and cook them in coconut oil. I usually add some kind of dried fruit as well and maybe nuts. Also some cinnamon is good, I find. Also works to add bacon in there, or some other meat. Fresh fruit is nice first thing in the morning after a workout, too.

    Lunch. I go the "big ass salad" route here. I buy a bunch of green veggies from the store and then out them in containers to last about 4 days. 3.5 cup plastic containers, I do bell peppers, broccoli, celery, cucumber, and kale usually, stuffed in there. Then on top I put maybe some canned salmon, or little shrimps, or some other kind of protein, then olive oil and vinegar.

    Dinner. Tons of options here. Some of my favorites are steak, chicken legs, asparagus, sweet potatoes and ghee, carrots, artichoke, stews, lamb, mushrooms...basically anything I don't usually eat for breakfast or lunch, haha. I recently discovered how good mustard is on steak. And fresh herbs as well, like thyme. My suggestion would be to buy foods you like and then experiment!

    Hope this helps!


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      For dead easy quick paleo meal ideas take a look at Robb Wolf's meal matrix It seemed a bit daft at first, but actually with quality ingredients it really works, I don't actually use it as such, but we often just have what ever meat we have in with a plate full of what ever veggies we have in stir-fried in the wok - usally a lot greens - with butter or coconut oil, simple things often taste the best.

      Other ideas that are quick meals for us, omelett - with bacon, cherry toms and mushroom, or just a load of veggies (often omlett is 80% veg held together with egg and a good layer of farmhouse chedder on top grilled). Full english breakfast - known as Brinner thanks to scrubs (breakfast for dinner) egggs, bacon, mushrooms, plum tomatoes, high meat (90% +) sasuages, black puddding (not truely paleo due to oats in it to soak up blood and fat).
      Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, less than 10 mins, add muchrooms and it takes a bit longer.

      Then when it gets cold get a slow cooker (I think they are called crock pots in USA) stick in meat and veggies before work, come home to tasty stew (eat leftovers for lunch next day at work, bonus )

      May the force be with you (not that you can fail starting your journey on star-wars day )
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      You know all those pictures of Adam and Eve where they have belly button? Think about it..................... take as long as you need........................