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  • Greetings from Baghdad

    Hey everybody,

    I am new to the forum and have just recently (the last week) started trying to follow the Primal way of life. I am currently a US Government contractor working on my 3rd year in Iraq. I have always told myself that I was going to get back in shape, like I used to be in my military days, but always end up getting to lazy to actually start. Going primal seems like the diet I have always been wanting, but had never heard of before. I had tried the paleo, but the only lean meats was killing me (gotta have the prime rib, on prime rib night you know).

    Currently I am 29, 6'2" and just weighed myself the other day and came in at 219lbs. My goal weight is between 195-205, reasonable goals and what I feel I look the best at. The only aspect I am currently lacking on is the fitness (yes I know it is important), starting tomorrow though that changes, we have a lap swim pool we can use by us and tomorrow I have plans with a buddy I have gotten to start the Primal fitness as well to go get some quick laps in. The down side of being out here is that it is difficult to get my gym time in do to working minimum of 12hrs a day (yes I know that is an excuse), but I really feel the exercises Mark has outlined on MDA will make it easier, due to not emphasizing long training sessions.

    I am trying to be as primal as possible and have already cut out all grain, dairy, legumes, etc... Currently my diet is consisting of whatever meat the Chow Hall has that isn't covered in sauce and I make sure to get the baked fish everytime I see it. When I get hungry and need a snack I find that to be pretty easy, as I keep green olives and raw, unsalted almonds at my office for anytime I feel I really need to have something small (I stick to no more than a small handful of either/or)

    So far I am enjoying the primal way of doing things, I have lost 5 pounds in the first week even without exercise, which is likely due to shedding excess water weight, as well as, not eating nearly as much (used to cosume roughly 3500-4000 calories a day). I do still enjoy my one cup of coffee every morning though, but I only drink it black with no sugar.

    The hardest thing I have had to deal with so far is the craving for sweets, thank you MDA for having a post about that. I do find myself at night before bed just wanting something to snack on, so I take a plastic butter knife and dip just a bit of it in some natural honey in order to cure the crazings (this has only happened 2 times this last week).

    I am going to be starting my journal in the forum as well here soon and hope to browse others as further motivation. I look forward to sharing any ideas and experiences with everyone on the forum.