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Going primal in Tokyo

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  • Going primal in Tokyo

    Hi everyone,

    I'm Matt. Originally from the U.K. But I've been living in Tokyo, Japan for the past 14 years. I first came across Mark's Daily Apple about a year ago whilst looking for info on bodybuilding but never took the whole primal thing seriously. Fast forward to about five weeks ago when I began a new weight training program that first had me going on a five day fast to reset my digestive system before begining a diet consisting of meat, eggs & lots of veggies. Although the diet isn't 100% primal yet, I have to eat a high carb cheat meal once a week to slow down my body's adaption to the diet, I feel great and plan to go 100% primal at the beginning of August when my program finishes. The way I see it my program is a good introduction to the PB lifestyle. In effect I will be actually adding foods to my diet ( nuts, berries, etc' ) and I really don't feel that I need the cheat meal at all ( but have to continue for the next 10 weeks to see this through ). Anyhow, I am really looking forward to starting my new lifestyle and am currently reading everything I can get my hands on concerning going primal. If there are any other likeminded souls living in Tokyo ( or anywhere ) who have a minute to spare, I'd love to hear from you. Grok on!