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Hello from a primal cyclist in Seattle!

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  • Hello from a primal cyclist in Seattle!

    After toying with the idea for a year or so, I finally went Primal 3 weeks ago and convinced my wife to join me. I am a lifelong cyclist and sometime racer. I have never been obese, and have always found it relatively easy to lose weight without dieting and could eat whatever I wanted in the process. In college I would bicycle 7 days a week and eat a half gallon of cookie dough ice cream a night, wash it down with a Mountain Dew, and never gain weight. Now I am 35 years old, 5'11'' and average about 175 in race season and 180 the rest of the year. My BMI was 25 last time it was measured, borderline overweight, but I always told myself it didn't take into account weight from muscle. How could I be overweight? I was very active and didn't look overweight.

    Lately I have been more into cycling for transportation and less for exercise or "training." I bike to and from work and the store and restaraunts in normal clothes on comfortable bikes and am happy. The problem is that without the CC, my weight started to go up. I would do long rides on the weekends and then stuff myself with pizza and beer because you know, I deserved it!

    After reading Mark's blog for a while, and some of the research articles behind it, I decided to give up sugar during the week. I immediatly went from 180 to 175. I was so impressed that I decided to go fully primal 3 weeks ago. I am now 170 and easily closing in on 165, a weight I thought previously impossible!

    It was surprisingly easy to give up sugar and grain. I have eaten more vegetables in the past three weeks than in my previous 35 years combined! My problems have been limited to hunger and saity, and some energy issues, which I hope will resolve themselves in a short time. Plus, eating primal while tasty, can be expensive! Need to work on that one. Also, I will need to try some experimenting with carbs and glycogen levels when race season comes along again, but I am sure the vast experience available here will guide me through the process. Thanks Mark, for turning my head around!