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    Hi all,

    Since discovering the Primal Blueprint I have been quite taken with the whole philosophy of it. I also currently have a long term, live-in girlfriend who is a lifelong Hindu vegetarian-- i.e. raised that way, never had meat in her life. I only recently got her to agree to eat eggs *cooked into* food, but still no eggs by themselves. Prior to us moving in together I had begun practicing the primal diet and had noticeable, appreciable results. I didn't think that living with a vegetarian would be a difficult proposition-- eat mostly vegetables and fix free-range meat for me when I wanted it.

    That system has worked in principle, but not very Primally at all. Indian food (which we eat a lot of), it turns out, is *very* heavy on the beans, and to a lesser extent, grains. Anytime diet comes up, it always ends in a pseudo-argument stalemate. She doesn't want to eat meat, period.

    So, I need help. I need acceptable "cross-over" dishes, and any advice from people that have been in similar situations.


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    Tough one. What other foods does she like besides Indian?
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      Is she okay with fish?

      My husband is Hindu, mostly vegetarian, and doesn't eat meat much (at most 1-2x a week). I just have to cook more dishes to suit both our tastes. My husband gets his protein from lentils, so there's always one gravy curry dish. I make a side of liver/fish/eggs/meat for myself. And maybe another stir-fried veg dish for both of us.


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        Thai food has fish sauce, but aside from that, it can be vegetarian. They'll do tofu curries, as well as chicken/beef/pork curries. Bonus: you could get some healthy coconut milk in your GF that way. You could always make it at home without the fish sauce. Start out with one pan of curry and separate it into two when you are ready to add meat and then just let the same "meal" cook in two different pans.

        Even easier if you are talking about going out to eat. Most thai places are very primal, and can be very vegetarian. Plus you still get to eat curry.
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