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    I adopted the Primal lifestyle last September, but how I arrived, and what happened next boggles my mind.

    It was August 15th of last year and I was TOAST! Chronic back pain, chronic migraines and the overall malaise associated with Type II diabetes (which I was unaware of at the time). A friend loaned me a printed copy of an e-book about trigger point therapy for chronic back pain. The author talked about people who achieved seemingly miraculous results, but were often unable to maintain it. Sure enough, I achieved those miraculous results and wanted to keep them! The reason most ultimately fail is their inability, or unwillingness to correct their underlying health problems, and so I set out to do just that.

    I'm a frequent flyer at Lew Rockwell's site (the Primal BP is a big hit there) and started reading about it there. I was resigned to having migraines and feeling old, I was just hoping to get rid of the back pain. Man, did I AIM LOW!

    Back pain...gone!
    Type II diabetes...gone!
    Peripheral neuropathy (right leg)...gone!
    Sleep disorders...gone!
    Mood disorders...gone!
    (and there are more!)

    Energy level....through the roof!

    I'm 50 going on 29...literally!

    THANK YOU Mark and another thank you (an endless process) once again to LRC for leading me here. Rock on Groks!

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    Good for you, Hooligan!
    "The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love and something to hope for." - Allan K. Chalmers (1759-1834)


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      The journey continues...I'm the tortoise not the hare.

      Once I got the weight off it has taken me a while to find the right balance of carbs. I got down to those last few sticky pounds and just couldn't get them off because I would "bonk" (leptin levels drop and my energy would crash) over and over again. Sometimes a carb re-feed would work, and other times it seemed to take several days of eating lots of carbs to get the energy back. Each time I did this I'd give a little weight back and get frustrated.

      I don't enjoy cooking (wish I did!) so for me it has to be quick and easy or I'm just not going to do it. So, for this reason, it took me awhile to go completely primal. I was using Newman's Own Ranch Dressing because making my own was either too time consuming, or it just didn't taste very good, but I eventually found a quick and easy way to make it, and it's 100% Paleo! I had to do this with several things, but eventually I found quick, easy Primal substitutes.

      I don't enjoy working out either, so it took some time to find exercises that I didn't mind doing, and for me, if I don't mind doing it, and I want the benefits, it happens. Trying to do a workout I hated would last six weeks top! I'm at 8 months and counting now.

      The one thing I love most about the Primal Blueprint is that it isn't ONE SIZE fits all, it's all about customizing it to match your individual needs and preferences.

      I'm low carb Mon-Sat and on Sunday's I'll have some hash browns, drink more coconut water, and eat a little more fruit, and this has been preventing those energy crashes so far, and those last few pounds have finally come off.

      At some point I realized that it's not a race and stopped beating myself up. I made changes when I found something that worked and stopped trying to rush it! I'm the tortoise not the hare.


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        From one Seattleite to another, congratulations!! Very inspiring story


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          It is great to see my neighbors on here and learn how well they are doing. Slow and steady wins the race---cheers for us Groks in Seattle!


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            Thank you for sharing Hooligan,
            I am a newbie on day 5 and i live in Seattle too


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              I also live near Seattle, we have quite the force here!
              Crohn's, doing SCD


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                You are the epitome of how to do this right.

                ETA: I live in Portland so yet another PNWer.

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                  North of Seattle (har) here. I never realized how many PNWers were on here!
                  "The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love and something to hope for." - Allan K. Chalmers (1759-1834)