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Hello from Denmark, Copenhagen.

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  • Hello from Denmark, Copenhagen.

    After reading about the metabolism of the human body, the "Low carb, high fat" and the Paleo-diet, I somehow clicked my way into the this community, and the feeling I got was: Yes, it ALL makes sense! I've been primal for 4 days now and I feel amazing.

    I'm a 27 year old woman from Copenhagen, Denmark, and I'm about to finish my master's degree in European Studies. My current weight is 117 kilograms, luckily I'm very tall, 187 cm, but I am obese. My motivation for joining this community is quite clear. I want to be fit, and have a healthy body and mind. Feeling good about my self is my top priority at the moment.

    5 years ago I lost a lot of weight but I've gained all of it + extra kilos. It was a very strict diet which was hard to follow because I had to use all my energy on planning my meals, dealing with hunger and etc. This is now passť. I want to eat proper meals, feel satisfied without thinking "what to eat next?".

    I've been "primal" for 4 days now and I feel amazing. When I'm hungry, I feel hungry in a very good way, and when I'm full, I feel full in a good way - and then I don't have to think to much about my meals. My blood sugar gets triggered very easily by sugar and carbs, so primal food seems to be the right lifestyle for me.

    Hope that my time here will be fabulous

    All the best,
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    Welcome! I hope primal goes really well for you.
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