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  • Hello from Tulsa Oklahoma

    My name is Nick and I have been primal for 21 days. I am an endurance athlete. I am currently down 12lbs in 21 days! I started at 198 and currently I am at 186. My scale has shown more of a change than my pictures even though in my eyes I am starting to notice differences. I have been thrilled with eating and living this way as it has resolved my reactions to food and lowered my stress about maintaining a diet while eating out with friends. My wife and I are expecting our first child and I want to be around for her!

    I am completely pleased with the effects I have felt from cutting as much SAD food as possible and grains. I have even been able to drink coffee with no sugar! Things taste better, I am eating foods I would have passed up in the past. My pallet is absolutely changing and I love it! Overall, I have no complaints! I have been very happy with how easy the weight and fat has been coming off although a bit faster would always be nice!

    Start weight: 198
    21 day weight: 186
    Goal weight: 160-165
    Height: 5'9"
    Age: 30

    Thanks and I will see you on the forum.