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    Hello All!

    I'm new to the boards and to the primal/paleo lifestyle. I began the switch about a month ago. I'm about 70/30 primal/paleo versus SAD . . . but I want to be at least 100% primal (and like 80% paleo?).

    I'd been pondering making the switch for a while because the lifestyle seems to align so well with my values as a granola type humane omnivore and person who loves the outdoors. I also found the science compelling after reading up on it and watching many food documentaries (if there is a food documentary that came out in the last 10 years, I've probably seen it).

    I'm blogging about my process on and am looking forward to chatting here as well for support and accountability.

    I'm in Colorado now, but I'm finishing my masters degree in two weeks, so who knows where the job market will take me. I hope wherever I go I can at least stay somewhere in the mountain west, because I'd miss my Rocky Mountains too much if I had to live in the flat lands again. (If you know of any libraries looking for a librarian around these parts, let me know!)

    See you 'round the boards!
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    • Be "Hot For Training Camp"

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    Welcome, OutdoorAmy! I'm a fellow lover of the outdoors in a neighbor state (WY) and totally understand why you'd want to stay near the mountains... Hoping you will be able to do that or at least end up in a place that you love!

    Good luck in your primal journey!
    Jen, former Midwesterner, living in the middle of nowhere.


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      Welcome Amy. Good luck in your job search and with primal.
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