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Any primal people in San Francisco?

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  • Any primal people in San Francisco?

    Hey guys!

    I've been toying with the idea of going primal and I'm currently looking for a new challenge to complete (I just completed my goal of running a 50K trail run in VFFs). I'm going to finish up geeing out on the reading this week and jump in by next weekend.

    I was curious if any of you guys reside in SF. It'd be great to get some geographically specific advice about going primal. (Friendliest restaurants, best places to play, lift, and sprint, etc.) I'm also new to San Francisco, so any general advice or suggestions would be great, while you're at it.

    I look forward to this experience! I'm going to keep a detailed journal, photos, and the whole nine. Should be interesting...


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    There is a pretty active SFprimal group on facebook. look it up and ask to be added, its a closed group.