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    I'm a newbie; thank you for having me. I've spent the last three days, here, on Marks'...And, I think I have a pretty could handle on the PB. I'm seeking to lose BF; presently, coming off of a clean,strict measure your grains, carbs, proteins and fats diet . Last winter , I had been training hard to put on muscle mass to compete (bodybuilder). But, I recently bailed. Not good, good? Who knows? But, anyways, my question to anyone who has the time and,or, desire to reply: If my goal is reduce bf and keep my hard-earned muscles, should I be measuring my veggies(carbs) and fruit or don't worry about that ,at this time, as I just started..... see how my body responds to PB?
    thank you,

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    Personally, I eat a lot of fruit since I don't like veggies too much, and so my carb count for the day is never below 100. It's generally around 120-140. It hasn't prevented me from losing 6 lbs in less than a month of primal + dairy despite not really having much weight to lose in the first place. Since my definition has improved, I think it's fair to say that this loss has been fat rather than muscle mass. So take it for what it's worth.


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      ..your reply is worth a lot, EyeOfRound, thank you...You look amazing!!!!! And, to get there, did you carb count primal + dairy?